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Why CM Punk is taking back the AEW World Championship from Jon Moxley

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Since It’s been an eventful few weeks since CM Punk returned to AEW on August 10th on Dynamite. There are concerns that the Chicago native won’t be back in time for the All Out game. Still, the company’s fifth world champion is back and has more questions about the upcoming event. Punk was quick to make it clear that he was ready to defend his title, setting his sights on interim title holders by Jon Moxley. For the past two months, however, Death Knights have been a huge asset for AEW, carrying the company’s main event scene. As the straight champion is recovering from a foot injury, Mox is finally at the Forbidden Gate In the main event, he had a coveted duel with Hiroshi Tagashi. In the process, he cemented his position as a key player in the relationship between the AEW and NJPW and established himself as a top figure. The 36-year-old didn’t stop there, as he played against Mans Warner and Konosuke Takeshita The competition went on to produce three impressive defending titles and outstanding performances. There’s only one thing left: Shut up everyone who thinks he’s just giving someone else a warm voice. On Wednesday, Mox did just that, he shocked the wrestling world, in 3 minutes 100 seconds beat punk. About 244 miles from his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, he defiantly landed two high-angle, double-armed DDTs and shook off his critics as he became the undisputed AEW world champion.

This is an incredible moment for arguably one of the most consistent performers of the year. So, what’s next for CM Punk as All Out’s main event?

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When he reappears on AEW Dynamite, the former champ looks like old punk rather than the emotional and grateful hero who returned to wrestling last August . This time, he had a huge chip on his shoulders. One might argue that he underestimated Mox because of the savage publicity he had on him on August 17th.

Maybe it was his arrogance that made him accept the challenge of completing the challenge with a surgically repaired foot two weeks before All Out . What’s more, he’s back, as controversial as we’d expect from such a polarizing figure. When he needed to be respected as the only true champion, he took aim at his opponent, Adam Page.

Seemingly random jab The executioner reveals unresolved issues between the two due to their feud. Granted, this feels like a story we’ve heard before. Some might say that the ensuing coverage made him look unreliable, but it actually made him look upset.

The returning champ isn’t as focused on his opponents and his growing hunger. Mox has been waiting for the chance to knock him down, and it seems that the two city saints didn’t take him seriously. The 43-year-old was so sure it was his time that he overcompensated and misjudged the threat in front of him after rehab.

In fact, Moxley may have been his toughest test since his comeback. Just as Punk seemed to aggravate his injury, Mox smelled the blood in the water and slammed into his aching limbs. He didn’t give him a second to react for the rest of the game.

The punk’s look facing his mentor, Ace Steel, and the officer who carried him behind his back says it all. The loss humbled him. Fans who had cheered him on on his comeback tour embraced the man he mocked a week ago.

The story of Cinderella is over. Time has taken its toll on him, and he is in enemy territory in the heart of Wallstein.

Good night

Of course, this is not the end of this feud. No, this is just the beginning. According to Dave Meltzer, the rematch of the AEW World Championship will be the main event for All Out.

Book such a high-profile game on Dynamite instead of saving it as a pay-per-view . However, this move adds more layers to an otherwise fairly predictable build and outcome. Moxley’s win gives him an official second place on two unfortunate circumstances After he served the cape, he deserved the reign. More importantly, it made him seem like a bigger threat, as many fans thought he would give up the title when Punk was ready to return.

Recent events have proven that the undisputed AEW World Champion is not something that can be easily written off or viewed as the Moon-flavored people. Now, he has the bragging rights to travel to Chicago next week. When Punk comes back, he tells Darby Allin that his beloved hometown is the most dangerous face to his place. However, Mox has already won two championships in the Windy City. The hometown favorite is now given his injuries and growing doubts about his reliability A bit outdated. Yes, he’ll still have a partisan cast, but the honeymoon period with AEW is over. The straight-forward star just suffered its worst loss yet at the company, and some fans are turning to him. Punk has a lot to prove as he prepares for his second appearance on All Out, but that’s exactly what he will Reason for winning. The unconventional wrestler is at his best when his back is against the wall.

back to his old ways

when we We came up with a similar scenario when trying to predict how AEW might book the third Summer of Punk. So far, Punk has relied on intellectual games, his experience and sheer guile to succeed. Mox, however, is someone he cannot simply outwit or outwit. Unlike the Executioner or MJF, he cannot be expected to exploit his insecurities or rely on a common enemy for help. No, this rivalry and ascension forced him to dig into the past and get closer to the character that made him famous. In order to beat Moxley, Punk will have to ask himself what he’s willing to do when his body is running out of steam anything to stay ahead. His drive to become the best in the world has undoubtedly changed him and the other competitors before him. So don’t be surprised if he cheats next weekend or is a step closer to turning around.

Regardless, The Voice will likely have a rematch with Mox and be ready to prove the world wrong again. Given his track record, this is the perfect time to bet on him. After all, his wayward foray into Money in the Bank in 2011 led to the biggest win of his career.



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