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Why did I miss Kerry so much during this week's “Succession”?

Inheritance is very similar to real life in that sometimes you don’t realize who you’ve formed a full blown attachment to until they brutally Treats yank away. No, I’m not talking about swear-spewing patriarch Logan Roy (RIP), but someone who was never billed as a staple of the show: Kerry Castellabate, his former personal assistant and…girlfriend ? mistress? lover? The woman who made sure he was well hydrated to avoid future UTIs? (I don’t really know what relationship term they’re using, TBH.)

It’s been a big season for Kerry, from one of her impeccable deliveries From the season’s best line (“Marcia’s in Milan, shopping, forever”) to her ambiguous attempt to become an anchor on ATN to her palpable shock and grief upon learning of Logan’s death. Just to be clear, I’m not trying to start a “defend Kerry” argument here – she’s more or less as morally corrupt as anyone else on the show, it’s just that she has more money and power than her dead ex or him The ex had fewer kids — but the actress who played her, Zoe Winters, liked her so much that I was disappointed when she didn’t appear in this week’s episode.

Of course, narratively speaking, Kerry doesn’t have much reason to be in Episode 5, which focuses on the Roy siblings in Norway with GoJo CEO Lukas Matsson The meeting, but not even an hour without her blunt bangs and blunt presence personality made me head to IMDb to confirm that Winters is scheduled to appear in subsequent episodes. Luckily, she is, so I can only assume Marcia’s callous treatment of her at Logan’s memorial service (and Roman’s uncharacteristic kindness as she spilled everything on the floor) will come back to haunt She (haunts Marcia, that is, not Kerry; I hope Kerry isn’t haunted at all).

We don’t yet know if Kerry is planning to conceive another Roy heir, already born Roy children speculate on this in season 3, have been eliminated but I Guess it doesn’t, because of the recent news of discontent and longing for Shiv’s packets. (It’s possible, yes, to have two pregnancy storylines at the same time, and I’d pay good money to watch Shiv and Kerry shop for baby clothes or take a prenatal yoga class together, but that doesn’t feel right super Possibly.) So, how exactly does Kerry plan to return to a position of relative power in the ATN? (I totally think she can take down Shiv, a soft-handed nepo girl. I guess she has never fought with a bang girl.)



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