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Why do women in their 40s love Harry Styles so much?

I am brushing glitter in a small jar with my index finger And subtly spread it on my lids. The room is a force field of estrogen and Wet n Wild cosmetics; buzzing around me are three girlfriends in feather scarves, meticulously picking out faux tattoos. It’s a scene reminiscent of my pre-teen dance recitals, or, later, getting ready to dive into the spotlight via the Long Island Railroad — except I’m a newcomer – year old woman now. Here I am, wearing gold sequin pants, three – Some kind of like-minded thing screaming, indulging, maybe even shedding tears of sheer ecstasy at a Harry Styles concert at a Connecticut casino. Never mind our husbands, day jobs and eight kids.

“I have never been and will never be a partner,” Liberty declares, 15, precious member of my Styles adoring quartet who attended his Love on tour and is currently – Overnight at Madison Square in New York garden. “I was there purely for my own selfish indulgence and my like-minded company -year-old lady friend.”

Many Styles stans (also known as Harries) Yes- The contemporary of the 20-year-old performer, who has invested since his One Direction dominance. But there’s another, veteran fan — some long-standing (mine 20 -year-old mother was an early mentor) and others, like me, to whom Stiles was a bit of a new attraction, at least since his solo, sailor-gasp days. For them s and others, Styles is not only Be a pop star or an emerging style icon or a drug-free male who seriously preaches goodness: he is a

“Married, with kids, you get lost in the grind…on others ,” Michelle said. “You forgot how to keep your soul alive. Harry’s been feeding the part of me that was – I’m still me, I guess.” That’s: someone for , – A Thursday night dance in New York is not impossible. Nora Lee, , Carmel-by- The owner of The-Sea home decor boutique House of Cardoon, California, experienced the “dazzling spectacle” that Styles was presenting last year while she was six months pregnant with twins. ” She thought.

in the most recent A fan dressed as a tribute to Styles at a New York concert.

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For us, Styles is a current of fern tattoos; a break from the mediocre middle-aged life. Finally number one saw his flesh,” Liberty said. I rarely get the chance to drape myself in sequins, or the sequined jumpsuit I picked for the Styles show I’m going to be in New York, but he offers us a whimsical space for self-expression—one that has been caused by the pandemic During the quarantine period, I longed deep inside. (Styles’ tour is “the Met Gala for his fans” as Maura Brannigan does for Fashionista Last year.) Just thinking about it has an active way Get off in the morning.

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  • Self-proclaimed Styles superfan Rocky Cautadella, 20 another way: The Styles show “has nothing to do with us other than being ourselves,” she says. “It’s purely for us. Whatever your duty, in two hours, you can throw it all away.” Cautadella is reading Robinne Lee’s fine novel

    First discovered Styles after The Idea of​​ You

    style’s broad appeal, often cited as Jagger’s sensuality And Bowie’s swirl sex-bending, well-documented. (“Rainbow sequins and rock-solid abs,” Liberty muses. “Rough tattoos and pearl earrings.”) But his admiration for women—especially older ones—is that of Harries, a middle-aged woman I know. particularly attractive. Cautadella pointed to Styles’ close relationship with his mom Anne Twist and sister Gemma. His seemingly cosmic generational bond with Stevie Nicks and his appearance in a Christmas carol at Joni Mitchell’s house. (The title of his latest album, Harry’s House, follows Mitchell’s 66 song “Harry’s House/Centerpiece”.) In its first headliner at Coachella in April, Styles spotlighted Shania Twain, 000, the woman who listens to her music while he rides in Twist’s car , as a little Brit, invited her for “Man! I feel like a woman!”

    “Learning that ‘Watermelon Candy’ is about oral sex Yeah, I thought to myself, ‘Wow. He really loves women,'” Katie, a newborn -year-old style fans, tell me. “He’s so sure about women. It’s totally like Elvis.”

    A fan dressed in an homage to Styles at a recent New York concert.

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