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Why famous women can't stop kicking their heels at Cannes

In 2015, a group of women are reportedly being turned away from Carol At Cannes, because they were wearing flats, the incident thrust the festival’s somewhat dated dress code into the spotlight. Festival director Thierry Fremaux insisted at the time that women on the red carpet did not have to wear high heels, but this was widely seen as an unspoken rule (and sexism) at the event.

In 2018, Julia Roberts steps barefoot on the Croisette, while Conversations with Friends Actor Sasha Lane followed suit during a photocall that same year. “The rug is for our movie and I’m wearing a really elegant gown and there’s a lot of stairs and I’m walking up and down all day… so I will barefoot,” Lane explained in an interview two years later. “Why is anyone objecting? I’m still here, dressed appropriately.”

Julia Roberts, Cannes 2015.

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Sasha Lane, Cannes, 2015.

Ian Gavan/Getty Images2018

at 2018, Kristen Stewart wearing Christian Louboutin ) designed skyscraper heels on the red carpet, only to be thrown off and face photographers barefoot. She previously told the Hollywood Reporter: “People get really upset if you don’t wear high heels or something… I don’t think you can ask people to do that anymore – it’s It’s a given. If you don’t ask men to wear heels and skirts, you can’t ask me either.”

This year, female stars continue to take pleasure in flouting the old flat shoe “ban” Cate Blanchett stood barefoot on stage in a Giorgio Armani velvet jumpsuit and pink coat over the weekend for Iranian-French star Zahra Amir Ib Zahra Amir Ebrahimi presented the Breakthrough Artist Award. “I’m going to take off my high heels and pay homage to Iranian women,” she said, before handing the trophy to Ibrahimi. “This is to stab everyone who stands in the way of women’s rights.” people. “

gram Kristen Stewart, Cannes 2015.

Alberto Pizzoli/Getty Images

Isabelle Huppert, Cannes, 2023.

Daniele Venturelli

Meanwhile Jennifer Lawrence, she looks at this The Hollywood princess lifted the hem of her red Dior gown to reveal a pair of flip-flops at the premiere of Bread and Roses over the weekend. Meanwhile, the year-old fashion rebel Isabelle Huppert found a suitably subversive way to show her solidarity with the barefoot brigade: wearing a Balenciaga design The molded heels are like bare feet.

The rules for women wearing high heels may not be in the official Cannes handbook – organizers may have distanced themselves from the requirement – but female stars Choosing to walk the red carpet in flats (or no shoes at all) is still a delightfully rebellious two-finger that reaches the limits of femininity. And, often, a very memorable look.



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