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Why I'm Finally Into the Suit Age

Once I wear one, I can’t forget the suits around me, worn by people who don’t abide by the office dress code and instead choose to look corporate. Litigation assistance is ongoing. The RealReal reports that searches for women’s pants have increased by 30% . There are always matching suits on the runway, but I do see some unexpected labels. Batsheva Hay, the patron saint of ruffles and ruffles, presents a white latex two-piece designed by singer Alex Cameron. (He’s a playboy, sure, but Hay’s style still defied expectations.) Chopova Lowena, known for her dreamy plaid pleated skirts, showed off a casual black suit embellished with baubles.

Chopova Lowena Spring2019 Photo: Courtesy of Filippo Fior /

Batsheva Spring 2023

Photo: Courtesy of Isidore Montag /

To learn more about how designers are now reinterpreting the suit, I reached out to Swaim Hutson, who is repeating the tradition in his label The Academy Known for its silhouette. I found that Hutson and I had a similar journey. “I was bored with merchandise and disillusioned with streetwear. In 90 I introduced suiting and ready-to-wear into the New York School offering,” he wrote. “Just like the crewneck sweater, the classic striped cotton shirt and tailored double-breasted jacket are as basic.”


NYC Fall 2019 Men’s

Photo: William Eadon / Courtesy of New York Institute

And when I was asking around to see if anyone else had experienced this phenomenon on the runway, a ton of women wrote to me expressing their need for streamlined garments. (Suits have street style, too.) My friend and former co-worker Brooke Bobb needed to shed the ruffled dresses and wild prints she insisted on during her pregnancy. “Now that I’m four months postpartum, I crave sleeker, more minimal 30 silhouettes, especially vintage suits from Armani or Barneys.”


Writer Megan in a custom suit · O’Sullivan (Megan O’Sullivan). Photo: Courtesy of Pete F Hopkins

Others, like writer Megan O’Sullivan, were inspired by the runway. O’Sullivan was influenced by the indoor spring 2023 fashion show models, who savagely walked the runway in suits, blonde hair trailing behind her. “These models exuded an energy of getting things done and not messing around. That suit really embodies that particular character,” she told me. “That was my starter kit, and I still don’t have one.” She’s from 90 Early Meg Ryan’s Wardrobe and Julia Roberts (Julia Roberts) takes inspiration from Golden Globe Menswear. Then she found two second-hand custom suits at a vintage store leisure center.

O’Sullivan turns 30 this year and thinks it has something to do with her newfound interest. “I think it’s appropriate to wear a suit into the new decade,” she said. “They definitely feel powerful and uniting, especially in the right circumstances.” I asked my friend and founder of Passerby Clémence Polès — who’s in the same age group as Sullivan and I — about her snapping up Armani vintage Single product habits. “My first suit was from Acne – all black, very chic, well cut – but oddly enough I never had the courage to wear it,” she says. “Recently I discovered vintage suiting and my mother’s old suits and realized how flattering they fit. Honestly, if I had a suit, I wouldn’t have to think about what I was wearing.”




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