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Why I'm Obsessed With Heartstopper Star Yasmin Finney's Playful Fashion

I might be – How old, But I still love teen romance now, then. Fascinated! Blushed! Courtship! It’s always better than what I’m doing. This is how I recently watched the LGBTQ Netflix romance Heartstopper

, which came out this spring.

The live-action adaptation of Alice Osman’s graphic novel series is full of emotion. Over the course of the series, it takes place in an unassuming English suburb where the shy and introverted Charlie falls in love with the sociable and fun-loving Nick. Oscar winner Olivia Colman pops up every now and then in the role of Nick’s mom. There are tons of kisses being hymn Top track. It all makes you long for youth, just without acne and classrooms. But one of the more groundbreaking and refreshing parts of Heartstopper comes from Elle Argent’s character. She is a trans girl who was forced to transfer schools due to bullying and alienation. In rosy romance, Elle’s story is a more solid and engaging B-plot as she finds confidence and acceptance in her new surroundings. Her love story is learning to love yourself.

At a GQ Style party in London

at the GQ Style party in London

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