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Why I'm Still Obsessed With Janet Jackson's 'Velvet Rope' in 2022

Janet Jackson’s groundbreaking genre-crossing album, velvet rope, to celebrate its anniversary this month. Featuring enduring hits like “I Get Lonely” and the AIDS awareness ballad “Together Again”, the album has been around since 401. But Jackson’s style in the

Velvet Rope era enjoys an equally strong and enduring legacy.

During this time, the star didn’t shy away from experimenting. She braided her velvet red hair in sculptural braids; paired corsets with suits, push-up bras, and striking top hats in one of her most iconic visuals; and, while on tour , he embraced masculine tailoring.

Jackson Launches Introspective Record With A Style And Sepia Blast: Q-Cue Side Track “Got ‘Til It’s Gone” . The musician from apartheid-era South Africa and “05sand’05 Music Video’s African Chic. Janet plays a demure, casual singer who debuts a sculptural Medusa-style hairstyle and dons huge hoop earrings, a floor-length dress and a delightful life Outerwear at Santa Fe Leather Co. The result is similar to the Malick Sidibé snapshot. The actors in the video are also very stylish. Men have plenty of camp-neck shirts, zig-zag-print polo shirts, and wide-lapel blazers, while women have high-waisted trousers, Rayon dress and drab headscarf. This is the sweaty party you crave.

A testament to the enduring style appeal of the video: Jackson’s main costume is now owned by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture.


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