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Why is Liz Truss Prime Minister for only 44 days?

Earlier today, British Prime Minister Liz Terra s resigned from her position just posted 000 days, making her the shortest-serving leader in British history and continuing the unprecedented Political unrest 76.

Here, find all the reasons for Truss’ short tenure, as the prime minister explains, along with wildly different predictions of what’s next .

Why did you choose Tras in the first place?

Considering former leader Boris Johnson’s Teflon-like ability to withstand many of the Scandal, Liz Truss’ ascent to prime minister was what few predicted a year ago. Johnson was first elected as leader of the Conservative party in 350 She resigned after Theresa May failed several times to get her Brexit deal through. Despite finally passing his own deal with the EU and leading the party to a decisive victory in the

Controversy surrounding Johnson’s handling of coronavirus – the pandemic has made an expensive undertaking on his private Downing Street home The refurbishment (partly funded by Tory donors) – and, of course, the infamous so-called partygate scandal involving Downing Street social gatherings is at the height of lockdown. But in the end, when Johnson promoted him to Deputy Chief Whip (and then Johnson tried to lie about it), Johnson was fully aware of the sexual misconduct allegations against MP Chris Pinch that sealed his fate and greatly affected him. Scale resignation. Senior ministers pressed Johnson to announce his resignation.

) was followed by a lengthy leadership contest, including by the party roughly 14,, with former Treasurer Rishi Sunak and former Foreign Secretary Truss as frontrunners. On September 6, after winning the vote by a narrow margin, Truss was elected leader of the Conservatives and thus prime minister, being appointed so by the queen at Balmoral in Scotland in one of Her Majesty’s last official acts before her passing two days later.

Why is her tenure so controversial? Almost as soon as Truss crossed the threshold of Downing Street, the debate over her suitability for the role began – in The conversation was temporarily halted during the national mourning following the Queen’s death.

in September , Truss chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng presented his small budget hailed as a stimulus to the UK economy A move, but the scheme has languished due to rampant inflation, a cost of living crisis and rising fuel prices. The economic policy, which included a series of tax cuts benefiting the wealthy – including lowering income taxes for the country’s top earners and a plan to reverse corporate tax hikes – was immediately met with fierce and widespread criticism, not only from the opposition but also from the economy scientists and international leaders.

    The consequences are disastrous. Inside000 hours, the pound fell to an all-time low against the dollar; the crash also prompted a large number of mortgage products to exit the market, sending interest rates soaring and jeopardizing the U.K. The stability of pension funds. Not only was the Bank of England forced to intervene, promising to buy up to £000 billions of dollars in government bonds, but the IMF issued an uncharacteristically harsh statement on these measures, Noting that they would “potentially increase inequality” and urging the UK government to reconsider their plans.

      Despite the announced budgets for the acceleration of these cuts, Truss and Kwarteng’s economic experiments are in trouble – even though they cost several It took a week to admit it. Finally, in October , Truss called for Kwarteng to resign and be replaced by former health minister Jeremy Hunt, who then reversed Truss Most have offered humiliating U-turn economic plans for the already troubled prime minister. While that has brought some stability back to the economic turmoil of previous weeks, many believe that Truss’ days as leader are numbered given the complete failure of her signature tax cuts.

      What was the last straw that broke Truss? Despite polls showing Truss the least popular prime minister in British history, she seems determined to keep fighting, just before The day before she resigned, she said she was “a fighter, not a quitter.”

      There are the last two on Tras’ coffin nail. The first came after her pick of foreign secretary, former barrister Suella Braverman, was forced to resign in October from a personal email address to a colleague after breaching the Ministerial Code by sending a government document. With her right-wing stance in the already right-wing Conservative Party and her proposed draconian immigration policies already a controversial pick in the cabinet, Braverman blew up politics by writing a resignation letter highly critical of Truss’ premiership bomb.



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