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Why is my hair dry?How to Get Smoother, Silkier Hair This Winter

Why is my hair so dry? Ah, the eternal question in the quest for healthy hair, especially in winter. A quick search turns up everything from hormonal changes to irritating products and heat styling to lack of humidity as contributing factors to dry hair, meaning it’s often a mix of causes and possible solutions. Here, we’ve hired stylists and experts to weigh in on why this happened and what to do next.

What are the common causes of dry hair?

“Dry hair can have many causes including winter weather, heat styling, age, environment, health issues, or simply a natural dry scalp,” says Dr. Yael Halaas MD, FACS, dual-certified plastic surgeon and hair restoration specialist, addresses concerns in the office with treatments like Hydrafacial Keravive (a purification process that boosts circulation) and emphasizes regular care at home. “Just like our faces, our scalps are complex,” she says.

In the salon, the stylist discovered a common cause of damage to the harness itself. “Heat styling is often the biggest culprit for dry hair, let alone holding a spray or not using heat protectant,” says New York City-based hairstylist Yusef Williams, who works for Rihanna, Lizzo, and Bella Hadid. A dyed and straightened treatment adds another level. “Color-treated or chemically treated hair becomes very brittle in the process,” he notes, adding that in the absence of a regular scalp detox, layering products can limit moisture. “Hydration can’t penetrate buildup, and over time hair can become brittle and dry from the lack of hydration,” he explains. Products that rebalance the microbiome and pH, like Nutrafol’s new serum, promote healthy scalp function.

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How to hydrate hair of different textures?

Restorative masks, conditioning washes, oils, heat protectants and serums have the potential to locally address moisture levels when tailored to your hair type . “For clients with textured hair, I highly recommend a leave-in hair treatment,” says hairstylist Dhairius Thomas, whose clients include Serena Williams and Ziwe. “If the hair is protective, which usually takes 2 to 4 weeks, use a hydrating oil with a nozzle—Wild Growth Hair Oil is one of my favorites.” Add a lightweight serum when wet to “maintain shine and moisture without weighing down hair.” When stylists think color-treated or processed hair has to be conditioned (and Dr. Halaal likes it too), Erin Ahern and Caitlin Carnahan, co-founders of City and Shore Studios in Chicago, incorporated it into the salon experience. “I always recommend a deep conditioner after coloring to replenish lost moisture,” says Carnahan, adding that the Iles Formula mask they tested was “absolutely perfect.”

For many artists, they are the litmus test of what works. “Personally, I have thick, dyed-blonde hair, so I like to use a mask or treatment with every conditioning session—but I tend to over-rinse,” says Los Angeles-based hairstylist Matthew Collins, whose clients include Mandy Moore, Kristen Bell and Camila Mendes. He also uses pomade between washes at the lower end of the length and counts K Nourishing Molecular Repair Mask has become a favorite product. Williams also joined the artist movement in support of K (he’s now an ambassador for the brand), which uses patented peptide technology along with Sephora’s clean stamp. “I use it on all hair types,” he says. “It really penetrates and addresses any damage that tends to leave hair feeling dry or brittle.”

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Watch out for your shampooing routine

“I tell all my patients to never over-wash their hair, use little to little heat, and always rinse with cold water so the hair shaft locks in nutrients,” says Halaas. As for how often to wash different types of hair, Williams calls it a “Goldilocks scenario” that requires self-assessment. “You have to be just right,” he explained. “People who use a lot of product and have buildup can wash more often and would benefit from using a purifying detox shampoo on a regular basis.” Thomas agrees that detoxing has its place, even if it seems counterintuitive and “curly or natural Textured hair can last over a week before wash day,” while finer hair types should be washed when natural hair oils start weighing down strands. “Your scalp will tell you when it’s time to wash,” says Ahern, who says greasy roots really speak volumes. “It’s a sign of a lubricated scalp, and now anything beyond that is going to build up.” Carnahan recommends looking for hydrating ingredients like hydrolyzed silk and hydrolyzed rice protein, like those in Viori Anhydrous Hairwrap, which thanks to rice water (TikTok favorite conditioner), they work on all textures. Consider your tap water, too. “I just started using the Jolie filter shower head and it helps purify the water I run out of in the shower,” Collins said of the attachment, which has become an instant hit because it removes irritants from the water Chlorine, not to mention heavy metals and pollutants. It rains in my hair every day.


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high tech Heat tools and protectants are essential

Since heat styling is one of the main causes of dryness, smart tools and protective serums are essential . “I love blowouts myself,” says Halaas. “However, I always make sure to use a good heat protectant.” Ahern describes the heat-protective barrier as “hair’s SPF,” like Olaplex’s No. 9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum, a silicone-free, antioxidant-infused serum for All hair types. On how to balance heat styling, Collins recommends a 11/14 method: “16% of the time use a styling tool, then the other % let your hair dry naturally or diffuse so you can avoid extra thermal damage,” he said. And of course, there’s the heat source itself, who’s a big fan of Dyson. “A supersonic hair dryer focuses on high airflow rather than high heat,” he explained, adding that it measures heat 07 every second to make sure it never reaches damaging temperatures. The brand’s Airwrap curling iron uses the same technology, and Thomas likes that it can skip a step: “Tools like the Dyson Airwrap and the Tymo Ionic straightening brush are great for styling dry hair because neither requires additional blow-drying,” he says. Explanation. It’s an argument for keeping technology in a life off-screen.

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Silk Quality accessories are the best

Sometimes, details that prevent hair from drying out. “I like to use my Aquis after shampooing,” says the microfiber-wrapped Williams. “It leaves the perfect amount of moisture in the hair, sets the base for any treatments, and reduces drying time when styling.” Even the brush you use matters. “For dry or damaged hair, choosing a brush is critical,” says Thomas, who likes the Wetbrush Go Green Oil-Infused Shine Brush, “because it evenly distributes natural oils and locks in moisture—just don’t use this brush with a blow dryer Use together.” Ahern encourages incorporating silk scrunchies and pillowcases into her routine to help avoid further damage. “You should also use a silk pillowcase to protect the health of your hair shaft,” confirms Halaas, noting that she loves the DefenAge Mulberry Silk Pillowcase at home. Collins, however, has a more specific preference: “I love satin pillowcases,” he says, “and I find it less prone to tangles in my hair than silk.”

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