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Why is the first week of college football called Week 0?

College football is back in our lives thanks to Week 0 of the most majestic sport.

It’s week 0 of college football, let’s figure out exactly what it is and why we have it.

Traditionally, college season begins on Saturday, which coincides with Labor Day weekend. It’s widely used in major non-conference games, often in the antiquated environment of company-neutral website affairs. Although the NCAA failed to take advantage of the fact that the NFL didn’t play Labor Day weekend, they designed Week 0.

Here’s what you need to know about the college season.

What is Week 0 of College Football?

The idea behind the soft opening of the college season in Week 0 stems from two things: guaranteeing smaller shows a chance to reach national television audiences, and Something called the “Hawaii Rules.” In the age of streaming, national TV audiences are no longer as important as they once were in college, and the sport has multiple broadcast partners.

Again, there are very few ranked teams in Week 0, most college football fans, casual and enthusiastic, are naturally smitten when their favorite team doesn’t play absorb. In the case of “Law of Hawaii,” this allows shows like Rainbow Warriors to earn extra in-game revenue to offset the daunting travel expenses that shows often have to incur.

As expected, Hawaii played in Week 0 when the Rainbow Warriors host Vanderbilt.

When does Week 0 college football start?

The first game of Week 0 took place in 1983 with two top-ranked teams in a really cool neutral ground match. Nebraska No. 1 Nebraska defeated No. 4 Penn State 44-6 in the Kickoff Classic at Old Giant Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. While Week 0 has come and gone in terms of popularity, it has become an ever-present part of our lives, and has now run for five or so seasons.

While no Week 0 games were played during the 2020 COVID season, 5 were played in 2021, including the thriller between Nebraska and Champaign, Illinois . Since we’re all constantly creating new traditions, it’s simply fantastic that Nebraska is the blue blood show that airs every year in Week 0, and that Hawaii sends us to Sunday morning.

With 11 games to play in the 2022 college season, you have some games to watch.

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