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Why Jeans Are the Most Glamorous, Powerful Red Carpet Runway

Perhaps one of the best examples comes from Haute Couture’s debut dame : stylist Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele. The renowned French stylist famously put model Michaela Bercu on the cover of Vogue November 1999 , Black cropped sweater and stonewashed Guess jeans from Christian Lacroix. For Cerf de Dudzeele, denim is the perfect canvas for glam variants like big bags or sparkly jewelry. In the brilliant Moda Operandi from a collection called Fashion Firsts, Cerf de Dudzeele recalls that modeling moment and speaks of jeans as if they were the lifeblood of a wardrobe, exclaiming: “This is how people wear it.. …la vie!”

Mariah Carey for her new album Rainbow

Signature November 5th, 1999 at Tower Records in West Hollywood, CA. Photo: Getty Images

Cerf de Dudzeele makes an excellent point. Jeans are something that many people wear on a daily basis – celebrities or otherwise. So when someone wears them on the red carpet, they really bring a level of success to a sophisticated space where a tailored, over-styled look is expected. This is in contrast to very fine, expensive bags for everyday wear, such as Mary-Kate Olsen and her well-worn Hermès Kelly bag. Like Olsen — who has nothing to prove and heads to Starbucks with her very expensive but tattered bag — Holmes shows that the red carpet is just another uninspired moment in her life. Russell, for her part, proved that she possessed the ultimate in self-confidence—a must-have in Hollywood. A great red carpet dress is powerful, but what about a pair of jeans? That’s power dressing.




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