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Why Lavender Is the Home Decor Color of 2022

Fuchsia, a soft purple between pink and violet, isn’t the most obvious home decor color. In fact, when looking at Benjamin Moore’s most popular 75 paintings, it’s not even listed at the top ). (The first three points are grey, white, and beige.)

Part of the reason fuchsia flies under the radar is because of where it sits on the color spectrum: Those, after all, are more neutral tones that match just about everything

and are suitable for both residential and commercial settings. Part of the reason is also that it has long been associated with more romantic or feminine styles. While that’s far from a bad thing, it can be limiting: Many consider fuchsia best as an accent, perhaps even on a teenage bedroom wall.

However, at 2023, fuchsia is being rebranded as a romantic neutral for any room. In Vogue’s annual interior trends report, several designers named romantic earth tones as their “in-trend” colors for the coming year. “Fuchsia is a rich color that oscillates between traditional and modern, and feels fresh,” interior designer Heidi Caillier told Vogue. “It’s something I feel would apply to just about anything.” Cailier recently converted a master bedroom in East Hampton (ceiling included) before using it extensively at a home in Fox Island, Washington. Garnish completely with shade.

Bedroom with lilac walls by Heidi Caillier. She used the color heavily on her project on Fox Island, Washington. Haris Kenjar




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