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Why Purple Is the Eyeshadow Color of Summer

The seemingly unexpected color choices, in keeping with the still-going Y2K revival, are beautiful and playful without being overly sophisticated – especially when applied properly. “I love anything in the mauve range, and taupe is always my favorite,” echoes makeup artist Emily Cheng, who recommends opting for a more translucent wash on the lids, which contrasts with bolder shades like purple relevant.

To ensure any shadow stays in place, even in this season’s signature heat, both artists recommend pressing on a pre-color primer. “My best advice is to wear eye cream, concealer and powder for longer-lasting results; under eyes will definitely help,” says Violette. Honor the ease of summer by using fingertip smudges and cream shadows that can be blended for desired opacity (or lack thereof). For a shade that won’t fall apart, a water-resistant formula is a surefire option. (Both Violette and Cheng recommend the former’s Yeux Paint for a pop of color that doesn’t change regardless of external conditions.)

For sheer shades, though, Cheng actually likes This effect is accompanied by higher temperatures. “I don’t mind a soft crease on the upper lid,” she says, adding that she’s actually used lip balm to achieve a similar effect on the red carpet. “It stands out effortlessly, living, dewy.”

Violette_FR Yeux Paint Liquid Eyeshadow + Eyeliner

Pat Mcgrath Labs Luxe Eye Shadow Quad: Passion Fleur

Guerlain Ombres Summer Jean Eyeshadow Quad

Sisley Paris Les Phyto-Ombrés Eyeshadow

Byredo Purple Echo 5-Shade Eyeshadow Palette

Image may contain: Cosmetics

Image may contain: Cosmetics

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer




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