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Why Putting Ice on Your Face Is the Best Skin-Care Tip Ever

While there’s never a cooler time than summer, applying ice to your face is a year-round skincare strategy. From using as a natural primer to lifting cheekbones to new heights, ice cubes are the secret weapon of many top facialists and makeup artists.

YouTube star Lisa Eldridge swears by ice facials to combat set times and jet-lag models early. Is redness your problem? Simply place a frozen block over your mouth, where the receptors for blood vessels in the face are located. They can also be used as spot treatments for breakouts, says Austin-based esthetician Renée Rouleau. No matter what state your face is in, experts weigh in on how fresh-from-the-fridge cubes, especially when mixed with green tea, caffeine, or milk(!), can help boost circulation, minimize pores, and improve soothing inflammation, Makes skin clear and radiant.

Jumpstart a Healthy Glow

For as long as he’s been performing transformative facials, celebrity facialist Ole Henriksen has been in his Added ice cubes to the treatment. “They dramatically improve circulation in the skin, giving us that healthy glow we all want,” he says. To boost results, he brews and freezes vitamin C-rich rosehip seed tea, as well as antioxidant-rich green tea. For application, Henriksen recommends wrapping an ice cube in a thin cotton handkerchief and massaging it into the skin.

This age-old icing trick can also enhance the hero products in your regimen. “If you apply a serum to the skin and put ice cubes on it, the capillaries are restricted and create a pulling effect that helps the ingredients penetrate deeper,” explains Rouleau. Celebrity facialist Joanna Czech also Keen on the extra step of icing — especially when it comes to masking. After applying La Mer’s The Brilliance Brightening Mask, she seals in brightening and skin-softening ingredients by sliding gauze-wrapped squares along the flat surfaces of her face.

Get glossy fast But take a page from the supermodel playbook and do it like Kate Moss. Inspired by Joan Crawford’s unbridled vanity portrayed in Mommie Dearest45, 45 – well known , the 1-year-old model dunked her face in a sink of iced water to counteract post-morning puffiness. A runway regular who also swears by? Bella Hadid often harnesses the power of frosty facials to create the perfect glow on set.



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