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Why Raeliana ended up at the Duke's mansion ‒ Episodes 7-8

What do you think of Episode 7 of

Why Raeliana Ended Up In the ducal mansion?

Community Rating: 4.2

How would you rate it Episode 8 of Why did Raeliana end up at the Duke’s Palace?

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© Whale, Mircha 300/D&C WEBTOON Biz/The reason why Raeliana’s project in the Duke’s mansion ended

Watch out, mean girls – Raeliana McMillan won’t take any crap from you. While that’s not exactly the point of these two episodes, Raeliana taking down Vivian Shamal and her cronies are a big plus, especially since they try so hard to keep her vulnerable. Freese may have gotten Raeliana into their exclusive club, but that means she’s not without concessions; when you consider everyone else at the tea party is

intimate partner, her excuse of “not feeling well” sounds bogus Vivian of. Raeliana doesn’t just put them in place, though. While my favorite moments were when she pointedly said that she mistakenly thought the other ladies were acting more mature than they were, every interaction with them was a triumph for our heroine. Raeliana McMillan didn’t survive multiple assassination attempts and was brought down by some overgrown middle school girls.

The danger isn’t their threat to her social life, though. Action may focus on Raeliana and Noah, but ignore Vivian Would be a mistake because she has more things to do than talk and spill drinks. Vivian Feeling replaced by Raeliana, who stands in the way of her pursuit of the man she really wants, and the fact that she might only want him because she can’t have him doesn’t make her any less dangerous. Noah inadvertently exacerbates the situation by growing more and more in love with his fake fiancée. He doesn’t know what he did to Vivian

The injury is positive. He may be a shrewd politician, but he’s also a bit selfish and gets his own way in his personal life. He wants to make fun of Raeliana now even though he’s resisting understanding why

, a battle he was starting to lose. But he doesn’t seem entirely aware of what his attention is doing behind the scenes. If Raeliana and Noah hadn’t consummated their engagement, I don’t doubt that Keith was interested in pursuing Raeliana, but he may have also been trying to show Noah that his concerns wouldn’t go unnoticed by the rest of the noble world.

The most interesting implication is that Beatrice is somehow involved in any Things Vivian busy right now. Beatrice’s absence from the story has always been a sticking point for Raeliana, and now it’s starting to look very deliberate for the so-called heroine. It’s not hard to imagine that Beatrice is the one for Vivienne The gem she planted in Leiliana, but the bigger question is why she did it. What do we know Vivian angle: she’s jealous and angry that Raeliana seems to have taken her place, a position she may have used to do something shameful. (how Do men know what her legs look like? Clearly the Victorian dress code applies to the world of the story; look at the hemline difference between going out and wearing a gown.) But Beatrice’s The motive is even more ambiguous, if it were, it was actually her. Did she know that Regliana was standing beside Noah instead of her? Or is the novel nothing more than a convenient fiction written by Beatrice herself, implying that she is a hypocrite? The fact that Raeliana is where she should be, where Raeliana should be when she first came into this world, and there is no trace of her is worth watching.

Meanwhile, Adam misunderstood the handkerchief Raeliana gave him – and Noah Playfully toying with his thoughts – distracting, especially since it allows us to see that Noah’s teasing may be masking some deeper emotions. The enjoyment of him throwing Raeliana off balance far outweighs the fact that she’s now able to do the same to him without trying, and the two episodes help a lot with the romantic subplot as Noah deals with the fact that she’s in his Emotions aroused in the heart. If Beatrice does come back thinking she’s going to get the hero, she’ll be pretty shocked — assuming, of course, that the dire surprise isn’t Beatrice herself.




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