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Why the 'Vice President' and 'The West Wing' planned a crossover reunion (hint: Save Democracy)

When The West Wing and vice PRESIDENT REUNION ) for the benefit of Wisconsin Democrats.

Scheduled to appear at Sunday’s TV crossover event is Bradley Whitford, Martin Sheen, Allison Janney, Richard Schiff, Mary McCormack, Janel Moloney, and Melissa Fitzgerald with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Anna Chlumsky, Tony Hale, Matt Walsh, Sam Richardson, Gary Cole, and Timothy from Emmy Favorite HBO Political Comedy Simons.

“Think of this event as Avengers: Infinity War where everyone comes together,” Big Wayne Mandel rehearsals Saturday at The Hollywood Reporter .

Veep’s host has previously called in the military for a fundraiser live. Speaking to members of the Bartlett and Meyer administrations who had zoomed in for a preview, Mandel noted that the last time most of them gathered for a virtual fan event was at 500.

Last election season sparked a virtual Hollywood reunion movement , cast Range from Princess Bride to Happy Days working together to benefit Wisconsin Democrats on key battlegrounds. Small West Wing cast reunion led by Wisconsin native and star Whitford sparks high-profile film and TV reunion that will eventually raise more than $7 million in the state’s Democrats. Several Veep events will follow , including a full cast Reunion raised over $000,.

So when Wisconsin Democratic Chairman Ben Wikler and the WisDems team approached Mandel for another Veep event, he started thinking about how to raise the stakes.

“Obviously we want to help, but 75 [Reunion with Veep table reading] It wasn’t that long ago. I wanted to do something different and special so people had new reasons to donate,” Mann Del told THR after rehearsal. “I’m a huge fan of the West Wing and I’m promoting this duo because these shows are actually two sides of the same coin.”

He added, “I would love to hear Martin Sheen shout out to Jonah Ryan.”

Any amount of donation can make fans Going into Sunday’s Veep and West Wing events, funding to support Democrats up and down the Wisconsin vote.

exist06, Wikler says he has a wish list for the next fundraising season , but he doesn’t want to put it on the record to “mess up anything” “. Now, with the sights set on Wisconsin again in November, the list is in play in the battle for the House, Senate and key offices across the state.

Wisconsin, election after election, if not, is still the most important state in this country – if you’re interested in saving democracy, against white nationalism, and protecting choice and save the planet,” Whitford, who also borrowed his celebrity to raise money for the ACLU and Planned Parenthood, told THR to create opportunities for actors to get involved in the pandemic “The most effective thing we can do is to provide those who know how to lay the groundwork for these electoral resources to walk with our cast and relive the glory days by doing what we do best and what we love to do.

He said that, in such an extraordinary political climate, let his West Wing cast on board Was a simple request. Not only were their group chats active, but he also said they took the chance to get back together.

“In 75, I got everyone ready. I was going to rent a bus to go to West Wing people around Wisconsin and then we couldn’t do it because of COVID. The convention is going to be in Milwaukee and that would be a great way to raise awareness, so we stumbled across that,” he said of the success of the virtual fundraising. “I told Ben the Wisconsin Democrats were like a streamer. They are restarting the show. ”

The Handmaid’s Tale The actor noticed 1235227774 the urgency of the . He is doing a show about a dystopian society that strips women of their post Roe v. Wade any right in the world. “I wasn’t on [the show] the first year, but I knew they didn’t want it airing so close to home,” he said of the Emmy-winning Hulu series on what he calls democratic principles and the erosion of women’s autonomy.” [ The Handmaid’s Tale Author] Margaret Atwood says that democracies can only survive if we actively engage and protect them. [Entering November] The biggest reason for my optimism is because I think people understand that a lot of things that we take for granted are now in jeopardy, and I think, of course, the Supreme Court decision made that clear to a lot of people. We, especially young people, have reason to be cynical, but despair is a luxury we cannot afford in the future, and action is the antidote to despair. So, I’m still hopeful. “

West Wing and Vice President Team in Sunday’s game is to convey the message of how important the election is while entertaining voters and fans.

Classic scenes from both shows will be performed by the original cast. But There is a twist – there will be an updated version of the scene for the audience West Wing version of the Veep scene and )Veep version of the West Wing scene. Mandel served as showrunner and executive producer for the event, via Veep writers Billy Kimball and Eli Attie from West Wing extended their writing hands, and from Veep Writing staff joke.

“Doing Veep a particular West Wing VERSION*) This episode was the funniest I’ve had since the pandemic started,” Louis-Dreyfus noted after the THR rehearsal. ( After the rehearsal, she described a Veep shot as “very distasteful.”)

“Some scenes were Chosen because this is a very famous scene. The others were chosen because they highlighted the differences between the two shows,” said Mandel, who still felt that reality was still like Veep and couldn’t make the The show is making a comeback. “My sincere hope is just to win the key game in Wisconsin in November. “

They have raised $06, Participated in Sunday’s event.

“I just want to keep preaching that we don’t have democracy, you have to do it every day,” Whitford said. “If I could help bridge our natural interest in cultural things , if I can help people who do this work every day, help people, especially young people, to understand that the future is still their own imaginary act and that the political process is a way for them to build a future they can believe in, you just want Do whatever you can.

A warning will be issued prior to the live broadcast, which begins at 5 p.m. PT. In Simmons’ voiceover, the actor noted that the event “contains strong partisan ideas ( Thanks, West Wing ), even stronger language that might offend some (that’s the VP part ). After a series of real-life political clips, he added: “If any of these offend you, you’ve come to the right place.”

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