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Why There's So Much Strength Training in SELF Good Vibes Workouts

When we started thinking about what we hoped to foster with our annual January workout program, we kept coming back to one thing: exercise that is fun, rejuvenates, and makes you feel good. Thus, Good Vibes Workout was born.

Good Vibes Workout aims to use exercise as a tool to help beat the winter blues, post-holiday doldrums and never-ending emotions of stress, exhaustion and hopelessness in the age of COVID-19 Loops have become a reality for many of us. So, you’ll notice something very specific about this workout plan: the routines are more focused on fun than specific results.

We won’t ask you to run exact distances, lift exact weights, or push for a set number of reps in a specific time. Instead, we encourage you to move your body in a way that leaves you feeling energized, accomplished and ready to take on the rest of your day.

Take advantage of our circuit-based strength training routine, which makes up the majority of the workouts in this program—12 of them over four weeks. These circuits combine traditional bodyweight strength movements as well as new variations on them to keep things fresh and fun.

Strength training is key to achieving your Good Vibes goals, which may be surprising at first since people tend to think of cardio as the type of exercise associated with feeling energized and just The movement is just emotionally high. But that’s not the case: Research supports the role of strength training in improving mental health, according to a review published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine . The review states that regular strength training can help reduce anxiety, improve sleep and boost self-esteem. In addition, as the conclusion of the 2021 Prevention Science. Add in the physical benefits of resistance training, such as increased bone density, lower blood pressure, and reduced lower back pain, and you can see why we stack these training programs together.

We know that getting into strength training can be a bit intimidating, especially for those of you who are used to a cardio-only mindset and who think you have to sweat a lot to be effective Incorrect beliefs. When you’re doing moves like squats, planks, and push-ups, it may take a little mental shift to realize that your body is definitely still working, even though you might not be moving around or sweating like that if you’re doing something Aerobic exercise, you will. Plus, these exercises provide a solid foundation that can help prepare you for added resistance, whether it’s using dumbbells, kettlebells, or resistance bands to really maximize your strength or build muscle goals.

The importance of strength training doesn’t take away from the fact that cardio is still an important part of balancing an active lifestyle, and it can help you feel great, too. Elevating your heart rate has many benefits, including increased endurance, reduced cardiovascular risk, enhanced heart function, and (like resistance training) a mood boost. That’s why we’ve added some traditional cardio (like jack jacks and skate jumps) to your strength circuit, along with an easier rest schedule that will help you reap the benefits of resistance training and cardio at the same time .



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