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Why UFC rookie Ailin Perez has become a tradition in her fighting career

If you thought the turnaround of prospect Ailin Perez was a one-off, spontaneous thing, you were wrong.

The Argentine fighter turned around for Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 209 in Paris long before his UFC debut. With her promising rise in South America, Perez (7-1 MMA, 0-0 UFC) has captured the attention of many with her fierce fighting skills and colorful personality outside the cage.

“Fiona” gave UFC fans a glimpse of her presence and the prospect of her rise in the UFC during the ceremony weigh-in at Friday’s fight.

“I love it, that’s how I express my happiness,” Perez told MMA Junkie in Spanish. “Besides being a fighter, I am a dancer. I do reggae, salsa and bahata, it’s in my blood.

” A lot of people say,’ If you can dance, you know how to fight. ‘ I love it, it’s my way of expressing joy. I have an assassin side and my happy side. “Fiona” is just that. Princess Fiona is a dancing ogre and sweet, but when it comes time to fight, she moves forward. That’s why they call me that. “

Perez fights Stephanie Egger in the women’s featherweight bout. The 27-year-old isn’t afraid to open up about her goals. She wants to fight Amanda Nunes , and become a UFC champion in the future.

“She’s the best and I want to go up against the best fighters,” Perez said. “Maybe it’s not the time, but I won’t waste it any chance. I’m not here to play games, I’m here to give my all in the UFC. Women’s featherweight is basically non-existent, I play in that zone. So on Saturday, I’m going to show that I’m capable of fighting the Amada Nunes. “

There is no doubt that Perez has a lot of ambition. She is eager to showcase her skills and personality to the masses, and the journey will begin with Egger on Saturday.

“You guys haven’t even seen 10% of me personally, so expect more of me,” Perez said. “The better I do on this journey, the more you’ll like me.” As far as cages go, I’m an assassin. I knew I would knock her out in the first round and send her home in pain. “

For more information on the cards, visit the hub for MMA Junkie’s event, UFC Fight Night 209.



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