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Why you should turn off auto-brightness on your Android phone

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The Auto-Brightness or Adaptive-Brightness setting invoked on some Android phone models is A feature that uses a light sensor to automatically adjust your phone’s brightness based on ambient light conditions. In many ways, this feature allows you to easily view the screen. If you’re in a dark room, the screen’s light will dim to save power, and if you’re outside in sunlight, your screen will fill up with light so you can see better.

Although it’s a handy feature on your Android device, Sometimes it may not work properly. But you can access your settings and turn it off so you can manually set it to the specs you want. Android users who may prefer to choose their own brightness level should read on to learn why permanently turning this setting off may be the best thing you can do for your device.

Why should Android users turn off auto-brightness? girl using android phone
stockpexel/ShutterstockAll you need to do to turn off auto-brightness is go to Settings> Display and turn off the adaptive brightness feature (via 9 to 5 Google). So why do you need to turn it off? It is recommended to switch your phone from the default brightness setting so that you can control the brightness of your phone. There are two main reasons for this. The first is battery life. Bright light can help you see the screen better, especially when you’re outside, but it can drain your battery quickly. If you want the benefits of long battery life, it’s best to turn the screen brightness down and only turn it up when you need more light. A good rule of thumb is to manually adjust the display brightness to the brightness level of the room you are in.

The second reason has to do with protecting eyesight. Like all smartphones and other electronic devices, your Android phone emits blue light to help you see the display. However, if you look at your phone for an extended period of time, this light can cause retinal damage. That’s why it’s best to turn off auto-brightness to maintain healthy vision and reduce eye strain.



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