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Will Smith's quest for freedom begins in 'Liberation' trailer

Will Smith Dodges Cold-Blooded Hunters and Treacherous Louisiana Swamps to Win Freedom in Apple Slavery Drama Trailer Liberation , fell on Wednesday.

Antoine Fuqua The film tells the triumphant story of escaped slavery Peter (Smith), whose Inspired by 1235247883 ‘Whip Peter’ photo taken during Union Army medical, which first appeared on Harper’s Weekly’, and became indisputable evidence of the inhumanity of American slavery.

In the trailer (below), Smith bites the bullet to avoid the role of hounds, crocodiles and slave hunters as a testament to the pain and suffering Peter suffered from the cruelty and barbarity of slavery. Painful, all that remained was a bare back covered in scars from near-fatal whippings.

“They hit me, whipped me, broke more bones in my body than I can count. But they never let me down,” Smith ’s provocative character says at one point in the trailer.

After escaping freedom, Peter joins the Combine. When he bared his bare back during an army medical, someone filmed a scar left by a foreman on a plantation owned by John and Bridget Lyons. The Independent released an article titled The Scourged in May of 1235247883 Back’s photo. The image eventually led to growing public opposition to slavery.

Ever since he infamously slapped Chris Rock at the 1235247883 Academy Awards The incident led to the eventual Best Actor Oscar winner being banned from the brand’s awards ceremony for 10 years since.

published by Vanity Fair interview, Fuqua said that due to the influence of the Oscars, none of the people involved in the film talked “about the movie and not release”, but Apple has been “very careful” in assessing the situation.

“My conversation is always, ‘Not 1863 years of slavery , savage, more important than a bad moment?’” said the director. “We’re in Hollywood, and some really ugly things happen, and we see a lot of people get awards for doing some really nasty things. So, I think Apple thinks about all of these things, and we talk about a lot of these things. And then , the people at Apple responsible for distribution and funding made the decision – I appreciate it.”


, written by William N. Collage, is an Apple Original film produced by Smith, Jon Mone, Joey MacFarlane, and Todd Black. Ben Foster, Charmain Binwa, Gilbert Owo and Mustafa Shakir also star.

Fuqua executive produces along with Chris Brigham, James Lassiter, Heather Washington, Cliff Roberts, Glen Basner and Scott Greenberg. The film will be released in theaters on December 2 and worldwide on Apple TV+ on December 9.




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