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Williams needs 'rolling pin' to remove peak from 2023 F1 car – Albon

Albon, who replaced George Russell at the Grove team this season after a one-year absence, felt the FW44 had been overly prominent on a range of different circuits.

Albon has just three scoring attempts in 2022, good for ninth in Miami. He hopes the new FW45 will be more competitive and create more scoring opportunities for the team.

“It feels like we’ve had a very similar year to what George has done before,” he said. “I’m not very fast at all the tracks. Our car is unique. It seems to fit a certain characteristic of the track. When those moments happen, we seem to be able to make the most of it.

No It’s close, we’ve been there fighting for it. It’s obviously disappointing in some ways as well, because as performance-wise we want to fight more often.

“Sometimes we’ll Finding ourselves in a P19 and P20 situation. That’s where we used to be, we kind of took a risk when everyone else failed, or weren’t at the top of their game.

“Obviously, I think we want to do that, when we’re doing well, that’s when we’re scoring a lot, and when we’re not doing well, we’re still Chasing points. That’s not the case at the moment.”

Alex Albon, Williams Racing

Alex Albon, Williams Racing

Photo: Alastair Staley / Motorsport Images

Albon advised the team to see where the new car needs to be improved.

“My main point is that you can’t leave no stone unturned,” he noted. “The limitations of the car are very obvious, in terms of driver feedback, what the guys have seen in terms of GPS data, where we are missing in some corners.

” It’s clear that we need to work on field. Achieving that goal is obviously another matter. It’s always been a feature of racing and before this year, say 2017, 2016, there were signs of that balance, so for us, obviously, we’re very focused on getting the rolling pin out and starting to get it Ping.

: We have to check every aspect, we cannot shift the responsibility to one side of the team.

“And we really have to look at every detail of the performance and see if we can help the car and look at the correlation and see if it’s all going well because I do think we have some good characteristics.

“At the same time, I do feel that certain characteristics limit us to a large extent. If we can get behind this, we will be taking a huge step forward.

“It’s not just by increasing downforce points, it’s by increasing good balance and getting lap times. That’s where you are. Like I said before, our car is this Traits. Traits and getting the right traits in the car, we all know what we need in general and we should be able to fight more consistently.

” And there’s also a better platform to Build, because once you get the balance of right angles right in all the different speed types and all that kind of stuff, you can really start to understand that philosophy and really start building it. “


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  • Albon highlighted the progress the team has made in 2022.

    “If you look at where we were at the start of the year, we’ve already had Falling behind in the test. As the season progressed, we started reducing the weight of the car.

    “Our upgrades worked. We didn’t have the amount of upgrades that other teams had, I think we really had a major upgrade and that’s it. So we hit it off, we know the car well … I think we have the tires as well.

    But going forward, we don’t want to be the 10th fastest team.”



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