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'Willow' EP Ron Howard talks season 2 renewal chances, 'Solo' future and when he met Joseph Campbell

Ron Howard to a Willow The sequel now exists as a Disney+ series. After all, Willow mastermind George Lucas has always believed that TV shows are the best way to expand the world of Willow, Since Lucas and Howard collaborated on the latter

In retrospect, Howard credits Lucas and Willow for teaching him how to work on the bigger canvas. He also learned a lot about storytelling, especially when Joseph Campbell came to visit Lucas during the development of Willow. Campbell’s book The Hero with a Thousand Faces is the basis for all Lucas’ fairy tales.

“We sat around George [Lucas]’s table and told [Joseph Campbell] about Willow , so he tells us the origin of the myth that we borrow,” Howard told The Hollywood Reporter


With the first season of Willow

now in, Howard is still waiting to hear what’s next , because the mid-credits finder of the season 1 finale hinted that Willow had a three-season plan.

“Well, there have always been hopes and plans for more seasons. Of course there are more stories to tell, but I don’t have anything specific to comment on right now, said Howard. “From a creative point of view, everyone is energized. Everyone loves working on Willow

. It feels like it has found its own voice and footing, So we just stood by.”

In a recent conversation with THR

, Howard also praised Series creator Jonathan Kasdan’s contemporary take on Willow before talking about his future*) Solo : A Star Wars Story character.

Well, it’s still hard to believe a


Sequel Does it exist now?


.) to me somewhat unavoidable. That’s something George [Lucas] has always believed in. He thinks the series is the right way to further develop the world and keep it alive. It’s in the books, but he always felt that the series would be a great way to explore the world the film launches in. Then when [Lucasfilm boss] Kathy Kennedy got involved, I started mentioning to her that it was something I would love to be a part of and work on. So when I came in and started making Solo, the conversation was still going on.

Willow LucasfilmWillow Ufgood(Warwick Davis) in Courtesy of Lucasfilm
SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY, Emilia Clarke as Qi'Ra, 2018.

There are always fans who want to Want a sequel, but does Disney+ need to be created for the conversation to actually happen?

With Disney+, we finally have the environment to support the show in a very cinematic way. You can take the work that was done on film and take it a step further with digital and everything that gives us in terms of special effects. So, aside from Game of Thrones , it’s not something you have to do on your network or cable budget. But the other thing is the world has put up with it. With the idea of ​​Willow as a character evolving across generations over the years, plus Disney+ wanting to be ambitious and needing to do more, this undercurrent of support makes it seem like a good fit for them.


Jon Kasdan are also right So well understood. He was able to walk into our meeting with a perspective on how to take the world a step further, amplify the evil in the landscape and look at the characters beyond the willows. He has strong intuitions about who the next generation of adventurers and important central characters are and what they will look like.

Do you have any prerequisites or wishes for this series?

[Screenwriter] Bob Dolman, George and I build an original film around character humor and relationships, interfaces, interactions, coping and harness the magical and fantasy aspects of the story. So we wanted the franchise’s characters to really resonate in a modern way that the movies did, and upgrade them. So it has to be about those relationships, and in a series, you can serve more relationships.

You are spinning 12 Plates, usually, so when do you choose a place for this series?

I did some work in the early stages of the story. Jon would ask me in and he would sell. I also get a call, react to the script, watch some early cuts and provide some comments on the early dailies. It’s just that they ask, “What do you think?” and I tell them. Occasionally, I’ll have an opinion or a suggestion, and it was the same in the early days when Bob Dolman came in and worked on it for a while. It’s fun and exciting because none of us want to do something that looks like a rip-off or feels nostalgic. We wanted to build some integrity on top of the film, and that’s what Jon had in mind from the beginning.

But Jon is that age. When we were working on Solo I could tell he was just a fan. He was one of those kids who saw it in the theater and literally watched it over and over again, first on VHS and then on DVD. He was just all in, and I recognized that in his generation and others.

Is there a conversation about

Willow Ufgood (Warwick Davis) in Lucasfilm's WILLOWWillow

No. Season two?

Well, there are always hopes and plans for more seasons. Of course there are more stories to tell, but I don’t have anything specific to comment on right now. From a creative point of view, everyone is full of energy. Everyone loves working on Willow. It felt like it found its voice and its footing, so we just took sides.


is your sixth film, and each film may offer lessons and takeaways about your attitude toward the next one. Do you remember you from Willow

Willow Ufgood (Warwick Davis) in Lucasfilm's WILLOW


This is a very important component for me. It also really deepened my friendship and relationship with George Lucas. Two and a half years. He is my director at American


so I keep in touch with him and he is He was a very helpful mentor as I grew up as a filmmaker. But here I’m really working with him. It’s his vision and I’m doing my best to make it happen. He also encouraged me to be a part of it, and that’s where a lot of the humor and the relationship tone comes from. Of course, Bob Dolman also contributed a lot.

I often say I come in as a seasoned filmmaker. My grad work is done, but Willow is the Ph.D. because it’s a big screen movie. I really use the canvas in a more holistic and richer way, and I learned a lot from George, not just the visuals, but composition, editing rhythm, and storytelling. He is such a student of classical narrative.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Joseph Campbell and his wife [Jean Erdman] and at some point actually tell him the story. He wasn’t brought in for that purpose; he was just visiting George Lucas. But we sat around George’s table and told him the whole Willow story, so he told us the origin of the myth we’re borrowing from.

My favorite moment in the movie is when Willow falls in the snow and Madmartigan (Val KIlmer) drops him Pick it up and put it on his shoulders.

Warwick Davis‘ Memories are all impromptu, so are yours too?

Yes, Val can do that. He absolutely did it, which is fantastic. They had great chemistry together and reconnecting with Warwick on Solo was fun for me. He didn’t play a major role in Solo, but he also helped a lot of robots behind the scenes and performed himself. So, Warwick and his family are constantly involved with the film, both on camera and just helping out creatively.

Solo: A Star Wars Story , Emilia Emilia Clarke as Kira Lucasfilm/Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

Well, I have to tell you that you have recently been interested in

Solo’s reference to sequels not being “a priority for Lucasfilm” makes I’m in pain and pain because I really enjoyed that movie.


) Thank you.

Is Disney+ an option? As

Willow andAndor

proves that this is Lucas Shadow A place where business can take risks.

I am not the producer of Solo

). I joined to support the project and my long-standing relationship with George, Kathy, and Larry Kasdan. So I haven’t even discussed it. One would assume there are some characters out there that could go further, but I’m not sure where Disney+ will go with Galaxy. Not only are these shows important to everyone involved, but they’re a big bet for the company every time. They make their choices very carefully and want to grow and develop constantly. So I know this isn’t really an answer, but really interested in knowing about Star Wars other than building It takes the audience beyond known characters and ideas. But there’s a lot of talent in Solo and I’d like to see some of those characters again whether I’m in it or not.

Legacy characters like Han and Lando complicate things, but if nothing else, I Just hope one of the existing characters on the show can find a place for Emilia Clarke’s Qi’ra. A female crime boss who silently aids the rebellion is too good to be wasted.

Qi’ra is fun, yes. There are a lot of question marks around her, so I’d love to see that too.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention one of my favorite movies of the past decade ,


. I still think of the scene where Hunter (Chris Hemsworth) roughs up a reporter (Daniel Brewer) who is defending Nicky. Have you felt an appreciation for the film over the years?

I really do. I appreciated it at the time, not so much in North America because F1 [Formula One] wasn’t quite successful yet. So we’re just okay at the box office, but word of mouth is good, so it’s a relief. Internationally, it immediately took hold in contemporary film culture, and thankfully, the F1 community really embraced it. So, ten years later, I can still get a pit pass whenever I want. ((laughs.) This is awesome.

Finally, at 500, My family — technically they were my ex-guys — met you guys in Kapalua Bay, Hawaii, and my mom said hello to baby Bryce [Dallas Howard] in the stroller. Well, a few I told this story to Bryce years ago and her head exploded. Forty years later she greeted my mom.

Well, that’s pretty cool. I remember that trip well. We don’t have that many Hawaiian vacations in our family history. I seem to work a lot. (laugh.) But it was a nice trip, so say hello to your family again.

12352736312023 Willow is now streaming on Disney+. This interview has been edited for length and clarity




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