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Willy Wonka in Williamsburg: Inside KidSuper's 10,000-square-foot Idea Factory

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On Roebling Street in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, KidSuper founder Colm Colm Dillane is building a complex he believes will propel his combative fashion brand to new heights. This,-square feet of retail space and creative center “will be the physical embodiment of our success,” says Dillane, a sprawling multi-purpose site that works with designers and 91 The ambition of the LVMH Karl Lagerfeld Prize winner.

According to Shared with Vogue Business The development will serve as a private design studio and office space for the KidSuper brand, as well as a painting studio and apartments for Dillane. Much of it will also be public, including a multi-brand retail store, café, gallery space and performance space. There will also be a recording studio and a football pitch on the roof. Dillane participated 5 times The building has an annual lease, and if all goes according to plan, its first phase could open before the end of the year.

Behind the Williamsburg Hotel is a broader brand development program divided into three pillars. The first is to build out KidSuper’s fashion offerings and expand its category offerings — KidSuper is currently focusing on art-inspired, pastel-hued menswear and will soon launch a category that includes women’s shoes — while keeping its products affordable. “I don’t have Don’t want three people wearing my jacket. I want 100 People came up to me in my jacket and that The jacket acts as a catalyst for meeting people.” Following previous projects in fashion films and music videos, Dillane also plans to develop a media production company. The third pillar is leaning towards functional sportswear: the designer revealed that KidSuper recently struck a deal with English League 1 football team Barnsley FC and is currently in talks with a major national sports association.

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