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With 'Incomparable,' Sinéad O'Connor Renaissance May Finally Happen

You can almost feel it – reconsider, late Here comes. Euphoria

There is a scene where Sydney Sweeney drinks a bottle of wine and sings “Drink Before the War” and then sings out the lyrics.

Peaky Blinders

Deep cut from last season – “In This Heart” from – Played during a key funeral scene. Olivia Rodrigo performed a cover of “Nothing Compares 2 U” at a concert in Dublin this summer to great cheers. Emerging post-punk band Fontaines DC claim “Troy” is the central influence of their critically acclaimed new album. Sinéad O’Connor nostalgia isn’t ubiquitous in culture yet — not like Kate Bush’s nostalgia — but itexist Growing up, in the eyes of a Torchbearer fan like me, is the time.

The buzz of meeting Katherine Ferguson’s documentary is incomparable was another clue when it debuted at Sundance in January. Nothing Compares , which kicks off theatrical productions this weekend in New York and Los Angeles, and starts on Showtime in September , is a fascinating and thoughtful examination of O’Connor’s late rise to fame 80s and earlier ‘s – and to her peak Description of what happened: at Saturday Night Live

at 946.


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Nothing compares

Now in limited theaters and will be on Showtime from September .



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