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Within the “Top 100 Players of 2022” figures

Starts with Kyle and ends with Tom.

NFL Network’s Top 100 Players of 2022 – – voted by the players themselves – have been revealed, starting from the 100th Starting with No. 1 Kyle Yuszczyk and ending with No. 1 Tom Brady, this is the latest addition to GOAT’s growing list of honors. In between, there are superstars earning deserved accolades and overlooked talents left out.

Here are Top 100 Number:

0Number of top 100 Central Jaguars, Jets, Lions and Texans . They are the four teams with no players on the roster (whether they were on the team last season or on the 2022 roster). There are zero players in Jacksonville or Houston, and eight players in the AFC South have been recognized.

2 — Rankings of Rams defensive lineman Aaron Donald as he ranked in 2019 Be one of only two defensive players (along with JJ Watt in 2015) to finish first.

3 — Aaron Rodgers last two years after winning AP NFL MVP rank in . After winning the 2014 MVP, Rodgers finished second on the 2015 list. After winning four MVP awards, Rodgers has only once Top 100 No. 1 in 2012, after winning the 2011 MVP.

4 — Tom Brady is now rated 1st place in the top 100 four times. No other player has won that honor more than once. Brady was named No. 1 in 2011, 2017, 2018 and 2022.

6Top 100: Falcons TE Kyle Pitts (No. 92), Patriots QB Mac Jones (No. 86), Chargers OT Rashawn Slater (No. 79), Dolphins WR Jaylen Waddle (No. 63), Bengals Tigers WR Ja’Marr Chase (No. 24) and Cowboys LB Micah Parsons (16).

7 — There are seven Rams teams (including free agent Odell Beckham Jr., new addition Bobby Wagner and free agent departure Von Miller) On the list, is the most in the League of Nations.

8 — Not surprisingly, the team with the most picks is Los Angeles. That’s the charger. The Bolts have seven players on the roster who are with them in 2021, as well as cornerback JC Jackson.

9 — Nine NFC North players, including from the Packers in the offseason Davante Adams, traded to the Raiders, is on the roster, the fewest of any NFC division.

10 — Top spot at tight end, occupied by Chiefs TE Travis Kelce . This is the second year in a row that Kelce has been the top player at his position, and he is in the top 10 after finishing at No. 5 last year. Kelce has been the No. 1 TE in three of the past four years, separated only by George Kittle at No. 7 in 2020.

12 — This is Top 100 issue 12. It started in 2011 with Tom Brady at the top, and Brady is still at the top more than a decade later.

14 — Niners offensive lineman Trent Williams gets the highest score for an offensive lineman at No. 14 Location.

16 — Associated Press NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Dallas linebacker Micah Parsons for The top rookie defensive player ranking sets a new standard, surpassing previous best Nick Bosa, who was No. 17 in 2020.

20 – JC Jackson is the highest-ranked all-time undrafted defensive player, Also one of five UDFAs on this year’s list. New Chargers teammate Austin Eckler (No. 46), cornerback Kenny Moore II (No. 82), Buccaneers passer Shaq Barrett (No. 87) and Ravens kicker He was joined by Justin Tucker (No. 94).

21 — Age of Falcons tight end Kyle Pitts, this year Youngest player in the top 100 .

30 – The number of players (including rookies) who made the list for the first time in their careers. All 30 players were booked by running backs: Bears guard David Montgomery was No. 98 and Colts engine Jonathan Taylor was No. 5.

39 — Season sum of Tom Brady (22) and Aaron Rodgers (17), They are the only two in each edition’s Top 100.

44 — Robert Quinn ranked 44th in 2015. Six years later, after a big season with the Chicago Bears, he was No. 48. The six-season absence is the largest time gap between anyone ranking on the 2022 roster.

45 — the age of Tom Brady, who was drafted as the oldest player for the first place. Brady broke the bar previously set by…Tom Brady, who was 40 when he was honored in 2018.

48 — From 2021 (89th) to 2022, Tristan Wilves rose 48 places (41st), the largest increase of any player ranked last year and this year.

49 — Russell Wilson from 2021 (No. 12) to 2022 (No. 12) 61) down 49 places, the biggest drop of any player ranked last year and this year.

89 – 2020 Rams receiver Cooper Cooper Check in at #89. This is the only time he has been in the top 100 until this year. After his Triple Crown campaign, he was the No. 4 top receiver.

90 — Odell’s No. 90 Beckham Jr. is currently the only one Top free agent. He’s the best remaining player on Gregg Rosenthal’s 101 free-agent roster.

94 — On’s NFL-record 66-yard field goal last season, Justin · Tucker finally earned enough respect from his NFL brethren to find a spot on the roster for the first time in his sensational career. Tucker’s debut also marked the first time the kicker has been ranked 98th since Adam Vinatieri was 98th in 2015.

99 — Kirk Cousins’ ranking, last of 14 QBs ranked One (or the first, depending on where you start reading).

100 — Guard Kyle Yuszczyk’s ranking. The best full-back in the game is the only one on the list.


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