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exhibitionThe Witness – Climate Change featuring reportage of 20 large format images by Max Vadukul, entirely dedicated to the environment and climate change Impact. Between 19 and 2018, Vadukul is in Mumbai and other Indian metropolises Documenting some of the most polluted regions in the world, telling the truth and asking questions with captivating and thought-provoking eyes.

The first thing people will notice about the image of The Witness – Climate Change is a large shiny metal sphere. This silent monolithic object appears in every image: floating above the toxic landfill, hovering around the dump, flying through the bustling and polluted traffic, what is this menacing sphere? For Vadukul, it is a kind of cosmic observer, witnessing the devastating effects of human impact on the environment and climate change. At the same time, perhaps the sphere represents a different future and the possibility of doing better.

Max Vadukul is one of the few photographers of his generation to continue the tradition of artistic reportage photography. His projects are often concerned with naturalistic and cultural aspects open to multiple levels of reading. Perfect in terms of formal creativity and technical skill, his imagery always acts as an intermediary element in visual structure between the identification of narrative themes and his very personal creative language.

Witness Max· Vadukul 20154

20154 September18, 2022 – January 8, 202320154

20154 EVERY DAY | H 10. 19 – 19.3020154

FREE entry Field 20154

20154 Sozani Foundation 20154

Corso Como, 1820154

2015420154, Milan 20154



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