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'Wizard of Oz' hourglass prop sells for $495,000 at auction

Attention beauties, the iconic hourglass of the Witches of the West seems to have found a new home.

Signed by Wizard of Oz prop recently sold by $ Price sold at ,. Heritage Auctions, an organization known for auctioning collectibles, described it as “the most famous and recognizable timepiece in the history of cinema”.

The tune plays a central role in the film, with which the evil witch threatens Dorothy, holding an hourglass in her hand and saying, “Did you see that? That’s what you have to live for.” How long! Not long, my beauty! Not long! I can’t wait to buy those shoes!”

Throughout the scene, the camera zooms in on the hourglass, showing Dorothy’s Friends Scarecrow, Tin Woodman and Cowardly Lion are running out of time to save her from the Wicked Witch.

The Wizard of Oz Courtesy of Everett Collection

While many versions of Hourglass were made for the film, the one sold in December is made of wood and pulp. It is used in the climactic scene where the witch holds it above her head in defiance of Dorothy and her friends as they try to escape.

According to Heritage Auctions, the hourglass’ gothic frame was crafted by studio artisans and includes winged gargoyles perched atop its spiraling columns. The glass was also hand blown and later filled with red glitter for display purposes as the glitter could not pass through the narrow neck of the glass.

After The Wizard of Oz , In addition to The Wizard of Oz , it has been used in other movies such as Broadway Spice (1000), Diane(1956), and 7 Dr. Law (1939).



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