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'Wolf Hall' author Hilary Mantel dies at 70

Hilary Mantel, two-time Booker The award-winner, best known for his trilogy of novels from the life of Thomas Cromwell, has died of a stroke, according to her literary agent Bill Hamilton. According to Hamilton, Mantel was writing a new novel at the time of her death. “It’s just a huge loss of literature,” he said in a statement. before transferring to the University of Sheffield to study Legal Theory . In the same year, she married her husband, geologist Gerald McEwan, and they were in 1981 start in a safer place work), a novel about the French Revolution, which barely sold year. Mantel’s first published novel, Every day is Mother’s Day (16) , emerges from a particularly difficult time in her life: her crumbling marriage to McEwan (the two ended in

before remarrying a year ago) and after her late s Mantel was so ill that she later concluded she had severe endometriosis. (“I was admitted to St. George’s Hospital,” she said in Zhong told The New Yorker, “Ten days later I came out without ovaries, uterus, bowels, bladder. Subtract the future and have a baby In terms of.”)

The follow-up novel was inspired by her years in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, for McEwan’s work(1988 of eight months on Ghazzah Street ) and the long shadow of her Catholic upbringing (

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