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'Wolfman of the Night' director Michael Giacchino thinks Marvel special will be rated TV-MA, not TV-14

by Michael Giacchino Night Wolf is Marvel Studios’ first TV special, and this playful horror story is the perfect way to ring in the Halloween season on October 7th.

Werewolf took over in horror genre Doctor Strange in Crazy Diversity Where in the universe stops, as a Disney+ special presentation is right 681s and ’14s . The black and white function, almost running 75 after a few minutes, Jack · Russell (Gael García Bernal) joins other monster hunters to the Bloodstone Temple to compete for the manor’s most sought-after relic. The manhunt that followed might be Marvel’s scariest and bloodiest story to date, surprising Giacchino, director and composer of werewolf , which still lands TV – 14 Rating.

“We always thought it was going to be TV-MA, but I wasn’t always involved in the ratings and all that was happening,” Giacchnio told The Hollywood Reporter . “But I’m sure you’re absolutely right that black and white does help us stay within bounds.”

From Marvel and DC to Star Wars and Pixar, Gia Chino has composed music for nearly every major franchise, but his first love has always been filmmaking. At the helm of 450 and After a few shorts , it was only a matter of time before his directorial debut. (The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences defines feature length as minutes.)

“In this town, whatever you do first, this is what you always do. Even on Twitter On, people also say, ‘Wait, I thought you were a composer. I don’t understand that,'” Giacchino said. “It was like, ‘Well, no one is one-dimensional.’ So I will always be grateful to Kevin Feige for giving me the opportunity to show that I do other things and enjoy other things.”

In a recent interview with THR, Giacchino (pronounced Juh-key-no) also discussed how he heard his Voices of longtime collaborators, including JJ Abrams, Matt Reeves and Brad Bird.

Michael Giacchino, Werewolf Night It was a damn good time .

(laugh.) We need that Quote.

I submit to Disney! Anyway, when I watched it, I thought it was the first R-rated or TV-MA project of Marvel Studios, but the Internet said it was TV-09. Does black and white help fight blood and keep TV ratings up – 14?

do you know? Maybe. You may be right. I’m not sure. We always thought it would be TV-MA, but I’m not always involved in what’s going on in terms of ratings and all that. So I’m not sure, but I’m sure you’re absolutely right, black and white does help keep us within bounds.

Harriet Sansom Harris as Verussa Marvel Studios’ Werewolf of the Night by Marvel Studios

Some people may be surprised to see the composer director, but the composer is also the storyteller. So, does the director always feel like a natural progression for you?

Yes, it does. My dad gave me his 8mm camera when I was nine, so I’ve been making movies since I was nine. Literally, all I did growing up was make movies. Then I went to film school and also studied music that I like. You’re right. Music is storytelling. It’s all about storytelling. When I score a film, I’m helping tell the story, and the music I’m writing helps you understand how these characters are feeling at any given moment. Basically, how would I feel if I [the composer] were Jack Russell [Gael Garcia Bernal] at that moment? So that’s the music I write, and it’s all about storytelling.

In this small town, whatever you do first, this is what you always do. If people try to change gears halfway through, it’s always like, “Wow, what’s going on here?” Even on Twitter, people are like, “Wait, I thought you were a composer. I don’t get it. “It’s like, “Well, no one is one-dimensional.” I’m sure you’ll do other things you like, right? We all have these things. So I will always be grateful to Kevin Feige for giving me the opportunity to show that I do other things and enjoy other things. I’m not giving up making music, but I love doing it too.

Are there many notes from director Michael Giacchino to composer Michael Giacchino? Does it take a minute to get used to this new dynamic of answering only yourself?

Yes, that’s a lot like Moon Rider because I’ve been arguing with myself. (laughs.) “Are you sure you want to do this? Come on, you’ve been doing it for years. Try this.” So there’s a feeling, ” Oh, I don’t have anyone who can come up with ideas and collaborate that way.” But I did find that guy in my editor, Jeff Ford, one of the greatest editors on the planet. He’s worked with me on five films over the years, so it’s nice to have him in the role that I usually do when working with directors. He’s someone I can get honest feedback from, and I’m grateful for his role.

This actually makes the editing process more fun. When he was editing a scene, I would say, “Wait, I have an idea,” and I would go to the other room and write a piece of music. Then I brought it back and we put it on the picture. And then he’d say, “Oh, that gave me an idea for the cut.” Or I’d say, “Let me change the music.” So it was a fun experience, and it really took me back to my childhood filming with friends movie scene. We really have a lot of freedom to do what we want.

Some of my favorite scores in recent memory were started before production started, like your BatmanFraction. Is it very rare to be able to write before production? Is it impractical on most projects?

Yes. This is very rare. This is impractical because I like to wait to see a movie before rating it. Sometimes if I write a piece of music based on reading a script, and then I watch the last movie, I’m like, “Oh, that’s not what I thought it was. Tonal, emotionally, it’s very different. “So I try to wait until I see something on the boat. But with The Batman, Matt [Reeves] and I are very close to each other learn. After reading the script, he and I would talk a lot about the story, and the process was easier, “I know what it’s like for me.” So I wrote that subject very early in the process.

and werewolf , I actually wrote this subject before shooting and was able to engage while we were shooting smash it. It becomes part of the filmmaking process, especially in terms of editing, we have everything prepared in advance, which is really great. And being able to write while editing, rather than waiting to edit and then grade, is very helpful. So it doesn’t always happen, but it’s good when it happens. On Jupiter Ascending, I wrote almost the entire score before shooting, and Waugh The Choskies would play it on set for the actors. So it’s really great when that happens because it really helps tell you how to think about something and how it comes to life when you’re making it.

Whether it’s Brad Bird, JJ Abrams, or Matt Reeves, in When you were directing, did you ever think about the voice of your director in the past werewolf? Can you feel their influence?

Keep going! But it’s more like, “Why are you doing this? Don’t do that.” Like someone behind me said, “No, no, no. Face it, or do this. Or add some milkshake.” , Matt or Pete Docter, I have absorbed a lot of information because I love filmmaking. Like I said, I’ve been doing this since I was nine. I just like it. So I would go to their set, just for fun. I love watching them work, but I’ve definitely learned a lot over the years in doing so. It’s like getting a master class from a really good director. I’m sure if you asked them they would say, “We don’t know what we’re doing. We just do our best.” In the end, that’s how it feels. Nobody really knows. It’s kind of a best guess, but having said that, I’ve learned a lot from each of them over the years. So I will be forever grateful for the years I spent writing music for their films.

Well, in the end, I hope you can direct more, because you already won with It werewolf go through night. By the way, thank you for the lost Fraction. This has helped me a lot over the years.

Honestly, that show was one of my favorite things I’ve ever worked on, so thank you.

20221930 “Night of the Werewolf” premieres October 7 on Disney+. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.



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