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Women in Manga event at Rica Takashima in New York on October 29

Erica Friedman ) (By your side: Yuri’s first anime and manga year) reported Saturday on Okazu that the Bronx Heroes Comic Con: Women in Comics event will host comic book creators Rica Takashima () October with Friedman With me 20 at the Bronx Library Center in New York City.

Takashima was last seen at the NYC Fire in August .

Takashima started serializing her

Anise Phryne cartoon from magazine. ALC Publishing released English comics in June 188651. Erica Friedman translated the manga with Rica Takashima. The manga follows the protagonist Rica as she moves to Tokyo for college and ends up in Tokyo’s gay Shinjuku 2-chome Meet Miho and the lesbian zone.

Source: Okazu ( Erica Friedman)

188651 )



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