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Women, Lives, Freedom: Roxy Rezvany Spotlights Iran Protests In A Touching Short Film

“Women in Iran, young people protesting in the streets, saying, ‘We don’t even want reform. We want to end this dictatorship. ‘” Iranian-born, New York-based artist Shirin Neshat in Women, Life, Freedom, a new Vogue Commissioned short film from Roxy Rezvany, “Little Pyongyang” of . Conceived in the context of the tumultuous protests in Iran – which began in September after the death of Mahsa “Jina” Amini, a year-old tourist from the city of Tehran Comes to Tehran where Saqqez is detained by police for allegedly wearing the hijab wrongly – and it features a moving conversation with three of Iran’s leading creatives about oppression, bravery and hope. (Along with Neshat, Parisian actress Golshifteh Farahani and London-based designer Paria Farzaneh comment on the short film.)

For its setting, Rezvany imagined an old-fashioned Iranian With creative producer Saba Kia and production designer Rana Fadavi in ​​the living room, leaning into the idea of ​​”life being interrupted.” “I was devastated to hear the news of Mahsa Amini’s passing, and even more distressed when I saw the government crack down on protesters, many of whom were beaten, shot and killed,” Rezvany told Vogue . (Framed portraits of Sarina Esmailzadeh, Asra Panahi, Hadis Najafi, Hananeh Kia, Minoo Majidi, Mahsa Mougouyi and Nika Shakarami — just a few of the hundreds who have died since the demonstrations began — appear in the film .) Empty rooms, unfinished backgammon on the floor, half-finished meals on sofreh… Iranians are used to half-finished life, whether it is Those expatriates who were displaced or exiled, or those who had to suspend everything and take to the streets to fight for their rights to be recognized in their home countries. ”

Rezvany (far right) with assistant director Cindy Cheng and production Designer Rana Fadavi.

Photo: Martina Amoretti




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