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'Women Talk' Star Kate Hallett on Safe Spaces on Set: 'I'm Never Afraid to Get Emotional'

While Kate Hallett 02 was recording the quiet, During the moving voice-over)Women Talking, many things happened to her. Not only was she working on her first story role, she also finished high school in Alberta, where she worked on Newsies. “It’s weird, I’m not going to lie,” she said. “My high school director was very different from Sarah Polley’s. It was so confusing.”

Hallett is Canadian, lives at home with his parents, and has since She has been through a lot of surreal experiences since she was released. Women Talking, which she booked at her second film audition. They ranged from emotional — the survivor told her about the film’s impact — to dizzy. (In Telluride, she met Paul Mescal; she was a huge Normal People fan.) Now, the film has won Best Picture and Nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay Polly.

On screen, Hallett plays Autje, the youngest of the Mennonite women who gather in a hayloft after a series of brutal rapes in the community. Determine their plan of action. In a cast filled with Oscar nominees and winners and other legends of stage and screen, young Hallett holds her own. In her narrative, she conveys cautious optimism, while on screen, she oscillates from anguished to playful. Not that she wasn’t intimidated by the likes of Frances McDormand and Jesse Buckley, who played her mother, but the actors were so enthusiastic that all fears melted away. “I found myself adapting pretty quickly,” she said.

Hallett’s comfort and safety are very important to Polley, who has spoken out about her negative experiences on set with young actors. If Hallett had a stunt, Polley would often check to see if she was okay. “She was like a second mother,” Hallett said. Polley was by Hallett’s side when the material was affected.

Hallett and Liv McNeil in United Artists’ Oscar-nominated Women Talking.
Hallett and Liv McNeill at United Artists’ Oscar-nominated Woman Talk. Orion Pictures /Courtesy Everett Collection

Hallett, a self-proclaimed “emotionally sensitive” individual, had difficulty dealing with the subject of attack when she began working on the project. She was allowed to bask in those feelings and the tears that followed. “I’ve never been afraid to get emotional,” she said. “It’s always easy to speak up if I need it because everyone is so understanding and willing to give me the time and space I need.” Hallett also utilizes Dr. Lori Haskell, an on-site therapist. “One day, I had a particularly difficult situation, and she knew it, and she was there to talk to me,” she said.

Heading into the film’s media cycle, Harriet was nervous, but it turned out to be easier than she expected. “What makes talking about it so amazing is that none of us have to lie and say, ‘Oh, this was a great experience,'” she says. “It was actually a great experience, and it was just a movie that really made sense.”

Hallett got a taste of the show from watching the Marvel movies on YouTube Interested, he plans to diversify her career and hopes to star in an adaptation of one of her favorite books: “I want to be a fantasy novel where I can go into this completely different world and fight dragons.” ,”she says.

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