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“Won Tons of Championships” – HMS Insider Calls Out NASCAR Fans as He Sends a Message to William Byron’s Doubters

In the scorching heat of Texas, NASCAR fans witnessed a thrilling victory as William Byron clinched the first race of the second round of playoffs. However, beyond the checkered flag and the celebrations. There’s a message that Byron’s crew chief had for the critics and doubters of the #24 team. His confidence shone through as he boldly proclaimed that he’d won numerous championships in various situations.

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William Byron’s victory at Texas Motor Speedway was a testament to his talent and determination. However, after a regular season with five wins that positioned him as a formidable contender, the first round of the playoffs left some fans questioning the team’s speed. But Byron’s performance in Texas put those doubts to rest. In a dramatic showdown, he seized the lead on a crucial restart with just six laps remaining, eventually claiming victory. This win not only secured his place in the Round of 8 but also marked the 300th triumph in NASCAR for Hendrick Motorsports, a historic achievement.

Rudy Fugle sends a chilling message to all those who doubted William Byron in the playoffs


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As the checkered flag waved and the Texas Motor Speedway echoed with cheers, the spotlight shifted to the post-race media conference. The burning question on everyone’s mind was directed at Rudy Fugle. What would he say to the critics who doubted William Byron and questioned the team’s pace during the playoffs?

Fugle’s response was swift and unwavering. He made it clear that he paid no attention to the noise outside their racing bubble. Especially during the intense playoff season. In his words, he stated, ” I just believe in this team, no matter what. I don’t do social media, I don’t really read or watch any of that stuff. I don’t watch anything NASCAR really during the week. Especially during the Playoffs. I’m busy enough as it is. I didn’t know anybody was saying that about us.”

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With a calm demeanor, Fugle went on to reflect on his vast experience in NASCAR. He also emphasized that he had been through countless championship battles, experiencing victory in various scenarios. “I thought we had a decent round. Nobody had to talk about us good or bad and nobody talked about us on the cut line. That was our goal for the first round. I’ve been through a ton of different types of playoff situations and rounds, one point and five points, in the trucks and won tons of championships every which way. I have a way I want the team to do things, and we’re doing that, so that’s the main thing.”

Fugle also highlighted the strong bond between himself and William Byron, a partnership built on trust and mutual support. This harmony, he explained, extended throughout the entire team, fueling their confidence and performance. “Then William and I just always had a great relationship, and we can trust each other. We have each other’s back, and that just breeds into the whole team. That’s the key.”

Amidst the excitement of achieving a milestone 300 wins in NASCAR, Rick Hendrick, the owner of Hendrick Motorsports, made a candid remark about the record 300th win.

Rick Hendrick humorously said that he never thought 300 wins were possible

Rick Hendrick, the visionary team owner of Hendrick Motorsports, was visibly emotional after witnessing his team’s 300th victory. He founded the team at the age of 35, and over the years, it has become a powerhouse in NASCAR.

Speaking about the milestone, Hendrick admitted, “My knees were weak after watching that. You’d think I’ve done this a lot, [it’s] not supposed to bother you that much. But anybody tells you that, it doesn’t shake you… they are lying.” For Hendrick, however, watching Hendrick Motorsports achieve such remarkable success is like watching a child grow up.


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He has poured his heart and soul into the team, especially since the loss of his own son in 2004. Hendrick got a little emotional as he reflected on the journey, saying, “I remember 100 like yesterday, never thinking we’d get to 269, and now 300. I think we’re gonna go win a lot more races; we’re not done. Ever since I’ve raced, I just wanted to be competitive every week.”


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The 300th win for Hendrick Motorsports is not just a statistic, it’s a testament to the unwavering dedication and passion of the entire team, from the driver’s seat to the owner’s box. Also, it’s a reminder that in NASCAR, success is built on trust, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

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