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Woody Harrelson Gets in Trouble for Oversharing in 'Saturday Night Live' Promo

Woody Harrelson seems to be prevalent as host of Saturday Night Live Confused*).

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White House Plumbers to headline NBC comedy series February10 episodes during which he will enter the Club of Five after hosting the first four, most recently in September 30. He will be joined by musical guest Jack White, also marking his fifth performance on the show.

In a video posted on Wednesday, Harrison wanders the hallowed halls of Studio 8H while admiring the photos on the wall of the former presenter. The actor appeared to get some of their names wrong and referred to Matthew McConaughey simply as “my weed man.”

Later, the host noticed featured player Devin Walker, who realized that Harrison’s inner monologue was actually coming from a speaker he was carrying, as Cheers alum apparently pre-recorded everything he was going to say. Unfortunately for Walker, this includes the SNL

cast Tartan’s spiky commentary shirt.

“The battery is almost dead. So I’m going to have to change the batteries,” Harrelson lied to his amp as it continued to plunge him further into hot water.

Upcoming episodes marked by SNL’s returns from hiatus, the latest episode airs February 4th featuring host Pedro Pascal and musical guest Coldplay (Coldplay) starred.

Harrelson as E. Howard Hunt, former secret agent President Richard Nixon in HBO’s upcoming Watergate series White House Plumbers with Justin Theroux co-star G. Gordon Liddy, below premiere of the month. Harrelson, who most recently appeared in Triangle of Sadness , also leads director Bobby Farrelly’s feature film Champions ), scheduled for release in March .

Saturday Night Live Saturday at 48 aired: NBC morning and afternoon, live on Peacock. 2019



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