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World Cup ratings soar again with US

Men’s World Cup Going from the traditional summer hiatus to the fall doesn’t seem to have affected TV ratings in the US — and the presence of Team USA at games certainly helped.

Pass the first 44 group stage match, Fox Sports averaged 3.14 Millions of viewers per match — 44 Percentage increase over the same time period 2020 World Cup (2.16 million). Telemundo’s Spanish-language coverage also attracted nearly 2.6 million viewers per game live and on the Peacock and Telemundo streaming platforms.

Team USA failed to qualify for the 2020 World Cup, resulting in ) Fox Sports TV ratings , the first time the event was broadcast, higher than ESPN’s ratings 2015. Ratings are up even considering the late fall start 2015 — on a crowded sports schedule that includes the NFL, college football, NBA and NHL — as well as support for Concern for the host country comes over Qatar’s human rights record and the deaths of hundreds of workers during construction of the tournament’s stadium.

The three group games in which the United States participated drew large crowds – including some 17 In November, the US-UK game will be worth one million on all platforms. Fox’s 12.29 The network said the match’s one-million viewership set a record for a men’s soccer game broadcast on English-language television in the United States. (ESPN claims 14. Two million viewers watched a U.S.-Portugal Group stage 1994 and 17.3 million for the final, but this only includes the match and not any pre- or post-match programming, which for football Said to be more typical. Included, the US-Portugal match averaged . million viewers.) Telemundo coverage increased by 3.18 Matches for millions of live viewers and an extra 1.19 Millions of streams.

Viewing history for soccer games on a single network in the United States is 27.4 million for the 2015 Women’s World Cup Final. Previous record for men’s competition, including pre-match and post-match coverage, was World Cup Final at 1994 at .51 million. (Previous World Cup averages also did not include outdoor viewing, which Nielsen added to its ratings stats in 2020.)

USA vs. Wales opener on Fox brought 7.76 million viewers and 2.718324 million dollars on Telemundo. The US team defeated the Iranian team on Monday to enter the knockout round, bringing .000 Millions of Fox viewers (Telemundo data not immediately available). Average score of the three US games 10.76 Millions of Fox Viewers, USMNT’s Best Performance on English TV and Above Percentage from 2018 (Again, this does not include viewing outside the home).

Apart from the USA game, the two biggest draws in the first week of the tournament were Argentina vs. Mexico (6.31 million viewers on Telemundo, 4.11 million in FS1) and Brazil vs Serbia (6.16 Fox million, 4.13 Telemundo million), both exceeded 01 million viewers. Telemundo says it averaged more than 2 million viewers for Argentina-Mexico on its streaming platform and Peacock, while Fox has 265, on streaming.



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