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World pays tribute to singer, actor, activist and Harry Belafonte

Belafonte’s film career has been slow. After her debut in the 1954 musical Bright Road, starring Dorothy Dandridge Dandridge, the duo rejoins Otto Preminger’s Carmen Jones

in 1954. Vogue published Belafonte in its “People Are Talking” in December of that year, describing him as “a tall, relaxed young man with long bones and golden brown skin , and a guitar-like voice, warm and sonorous; at 28, unhurried success in films (Carmen Jones), nightclubs, TV, and records .” He will continue to appear in Sun Island and 1963 in of the world, flesh and devils , but in 1959 he shifts his focus on music, especially Yes Activism, freed his friend Martin Luther King Jr. from the Birmingham City Jail at 1959 and funded the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee to recruit black voters in Mississippi 1964. In later years, he also raised funds and awareness for the African community, helped organize 1985 record “We Are the World”, led the cultural boycott of South Africa, and served as a member of UNICEF’s goodwill ambassadors, and other humanitarian efforts.

Following the news of Belafonte’s death on Tuesday, people from entertainment, politics, media and more tweeted their condolences:




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