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WSJ: FTC to withdraw Mark Zuckerberg from Meta antitrust lawsuit

, the Federal Trade Commission said it will drop a lawsuit filed last month by Mark Zuckerberg to block Meta Platforms Inc. from buying a small virtual reality company.

In return, Meta META -1.19%
CEO agrees Not to buy the startup Within Unlimited Inc. and its fitness app, known as Supernatural in his personal capacity or through any other entity he controls, according to a court filing Tuesday.

Last month, the federal agency said Meta, the parent company of social media apps including Facebook and Instagram, is seeking to build a so-called At the time of Metaverse, it was already a key player at every level of the virtual reality space.

FTC claims Meta and Zuckerberg are still trying to expand the company’s virtual reality empire by buying fitness apps, a move they believe violates antitrust laws and Reduce competition.

Meta has asked the agency to remove Zuckerberg from the lawsuit.

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