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WTCS Hamburg rematch sees Jorgensen, Jackson late, McElroy and Meissner advance

Few of the 40 men and 38 women taking part in Friday night’s resurrection race will hope for another breakthrough on the intense and tense WTCS Hamburg Supersprint circuit, but each of the four races The top 5 will all compete after his debut at the event’s World Championships, and he’s doing really well.

Among them was American Gwen Jorgensen, who ran just 1.75km on the T2 stage to finish 20 seconds behind and hit a shot in the twilight A classic kick overtakes the hapless Ilaria Zane for a hard-won final berth.

Summer Rappaport managed the heat in the swim with Natalie Van Coevorden, both able to break away and stay safe as part of the 7-deep lead group, which also featured Lena Meissner and Julia Hauser progress.

It was also a late situation for Australia’s Emma Jackson, who was 11 seconds behind the front row at the bell, but was able to tap reserves and overtake Lotte Rice Lotte Miller and Yuko Takahashi were among the finalists. Jolien Vermeylen took control of the race by swimming and powering the race in a full 17 seconds over the 300m and Selina Klamt, Nora Gmur and Lizeth Rueda Santos also qualified in the top 5.

The men’s race wasn’t all smooth sailing either, with Seth Rider looking on after Shachar Sagiv had to take a 10-second penalty before parachute at the finish Was as surprised as anyone to find himself suddenly finishing fifth in a fatality event.

Dylan McCullough’s valiant single faded away in the closing stages and Henri Schoeman gave it his all to beat Germany’s Valentin Wirtz (Valentin Wernz), Janus Staufenberg and Roberto Sanchez Mantecon took their place in the final. .

Another German driver, Lasse Nygaard Priester, completed the first rematch of the day, making up for the most disappointing result of the morning race, while Bence Bicsak also passed Mark Devay and Jonas S. Jonas Schomburg was on the bike, the two couldn’t keep up with the pace that reached them from T2, Jawad Abdelmoula and Lasse Luhrs were in the Matthew McElroy joined them before a late run into the final.

Full results can be found here.



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