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WWE legend who trained Logan Paul demands 10% of him after YouTube sensation strikes new deal with WWE

Logan Paul nearly lost his job the rest of the year. However, the YouTuber couldn’t stop himself from re-signing with WWE. Paul shared a new Instagram post in which he broke the good news for WWE fans. He uploaded a picture with Triple H, while writing in the caption, “contract renewed” and in Marked “WWE” next to it. While celebrating, fans also spotted a hilarious look in the post’s comments. And random reactions, fans will scroll down to find a very specific WWE Legend. The legend helped Paul at a critical moment in his WWE debut. But now, fans see him asking for something more material than respect.

WWE Legend Charges Logan Paul Huge Fee


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Paul made his WWE debut at WrestleMania 38. While the YouTuber had been chasing his dream of becoming a professional wrestler before, Shane Helms helped make it a reality. The wrestling school dropout was mentored by a Hurricane helmet in his WWE debut. Any deal reached between the two on tutoring likely won’t satisfy Helms. Looking back now, the legend made his case. Where’s my 10%? Congratulations Briz!! wrestling legends are known for His hilarious comments on social media. Now that his student has a spot on the WWE roster again, Helms wants to grab exploit him in every way possible.

Further details on the nature of the contract have yet to be released. However, it can be seen that Paul loves being in WWE and would do anything to get back with the company.

Possible reasons for Logan Paul’s decision to re-sign

One obvious factor remains It’s the amount of money Paul, being a huge internet celebrity, has to get from promotions. On top of that, his role as an internet celebrity also requires him to go viral on a regular basis, and WWE seems to be that kind of place. If that wasn’t enough, the publicity also Good for youtubers.


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first,Triple H praised Paul for his performance after WrestleMania 39 . In addition, WWE also made it happen on Logan Paul’s birthday An expensive stunt wish .

All of these factors combined could lead to Paul signing another promotional contract.


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Will Logan Paul take Helms’ comment as a joke, or share the 10% with him?



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