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WWE Raw Results: Winners, Ratings, Reactions and Highlights for August 29

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Seth Rollins (Source: WWE)

Welcome to Bleacher Report’s August 29 coverage and recap of WWE Raw.

We’re only five days away from watching WWE Castle Battle in Cardiff, Wales on pay-per-view, so most of Monday’s episodes are To promote an upcoming event.

Kurt Angle is making a special appearance this week, with The Usos heading to Raw with Sami Zayn to represent The Bloodline.

Riddle and Seth Rollins clash, Bobby Lashley takes over The Miz, while Iyo Sky and​​Dakota Kai and Raquel Rodriguez The women’s doubles title found a new home in the duel and Aliyah crowned the new champion in the final of the ongoing tournament.

Let’s see what happened on Monday’s Raw episode.

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    Raw opening, Dolph Ziggler and AJ Styles Heading into the first game of the night against Finn Balor and Damian Priest of Judgment Day.

    The Showoff and The Prince kick off and have a fast-paced exchange for their team. The show stopped before we hit 10 minutes, so Balor had plenty of time to turn things around and take control.

    Styles and Priest joined around the same time, so they’re both fresh while they work. The Extraordinary nearly won with the calf shredder, but Balor helped the priest get to the bottom rope.

    Looks like Ziegler and Styles have this in the bag, but when the notorious archer chokes with a huge Judgment Day is able to recover and win when the lap hits the show off.

    This game is good, but with five minutes left, it’s probably the best of the show. Edge was shown in the background, so Judgment Day chose to stay in the ring.

    All three members of Judgment Day turned on their microphones before Edge came out and responded. Rey and Dominik Mysterio attacked the trio with kendo from behind, but Dominik hesitated to hit Rhea Ripley. She takes the stick from him, and the clip ends with Judgment Day yelling at Edge and the mysterious man in the crowd.

    winner:Judgment Day




    Ziegler is so much when he works as Babyface more exciting. The stuff on his heels is great, but he slows himself down. He’s one of the best at 100 mph.

    Ziggler turned the power bomb back into a textbook Fameasser is a great place. The chokeslam Priest hit Ziggler looks incredible. Showoff jumped as high as possible and sold the influence perfectly. Edge is right. Beth Phoenix is ​​a badass.

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      Asuka, Alexa Bliss and Bianca Belair in the next game. As they took turns trying to measure her, the EBS knocked everyone down.

      The match only lasted a few minutes and had Asuka knock on the door with one of the other women. It’s a good exhibit for the winners, but it’s also a bit random. On the plus side, WWE found that the women who provided the winners did a great job.


    1. Asuka, Alexa Bliss and Bianca Belair

    2. Grade:


      Noteworthy moments and observations

    All three independents have good Gear, which is not seen on many WWE job seekers. One of the job seekers, Mo Dani, did well in this game. She’s someone WWE might want to follow.

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      Kurt Angel’s postgame appearance is over, but he is very It was soon interrupted by Chad Gable and Otis. Gable talks about admiring Angle and being inspired by him.

      Things escalated from there until Angle and Gable almost fought, which brought out the street profit challenge Alpha Academy to the competition. Gable agreed, as long as Angle agreed to join his team if they won.

      Montez Ford and Otis started after a business break. After Ford’s brief attack, the bulldozer hit a slam to take control.

      Both teams had some shining moments, but there was something more exciting about the profits. Ford usually has more of them, but Dawkins has upped his game so much that he looks interesting too.

      Ford ended up twisting up the ankle lock Gable imposed, but Otis saved his partner from the knock. Profits still win when Ford swoops on the Gable to get the pin. It was an enjoyable match between four great athletes with completely different skills. They blend well together.


    1. Street Profit
      Grade: B+

      Notable moments and observations

        The Profits have black and gold gear, Corey Graves makes sure to mention It does, but doesn’t specify what it means. Ford once kicked a perfect ball in Gable’s chest.
      Gable’s Dragon Spiral Leg Whip Whip Up As Dawkins Rides On Ring Rope It looks painful.

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        Miz suffered some trauma last week from being kidnapped by Dexter Lumis, but he refused reveal what happened. We caught a glimpse of Lumis backstage before The Miz stepped out to face Lashley.

        As expected, the Almighty took control almost immediately. The American champion ripped off The A-Lister’s shirt and hit him with a vertical suplex.

        Ciampa helps The Miz gain the upper hand at the ringside, but the former WWE Champion remains wary of Lumis. It didn’t take long for the Almighty to regain his composure and begin dominating his opponents again. Loomis appeared in the crowd, but disappeared before The Miz could do anything. This allows Lashley to use Hurt Lock to win. It’s a relatively bland show, but the story that unfolds backstage is definitely interesting.


      1. Bobby Lashley



      Notable moments and observations

        The Miz is doing great on this show. Ciampa wears bright green and The pink outfit looks weird. It doesn’t fit his character.

        Ciampa blocked the ring post with his body so Lashley couldn’t use it against The Miz, which was a great moment.

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          Usos and Sami Zayn Came out to promote The Bloodline and Clash at the Castle, but soon Kevin Owens joined them. KO tries to remind his friends how good he is, but he ends up having an argument with Jey Uso. This led to a singles match between them.

          The game kicked off after a commercial break. The prize fighter pushed the 37-year-old into a corner and unleashed a vicious slash to keep the action going.

          He stayed at the circus to cheer him on as Zayn and Jimmy Jay took control. Tag champ threw the KO on the steps with the Samoan Drop, let’s get to the ad.

          The second half of the game was a lot more impactful and competitive. We’ve seen both make some big moves, and it’s cost both of them a lot. Jay hits a super kick and a Uso splash, but Owens finds a way to kick it out. Moments later, Jey was kicked out by a giant frog splashing water.

          When Usos asked Zayn to grab a chair, he started to change his mind. He hesitated when he had a chance to hit a KO, which allowed Owens to hit Stunner for the win. Not only was it a great game, but the storytelling was also great. Everyone is doing a great job here.

          winner:Kevin Owens

        Grade: A-

        Notable moments and observations

          Jay may have the best “I hate you” expression in pro wrestling .

          KO is right. Zayn is an incredible performer and hopefully he gets a chance to prove it soon. Owens never gets old hitting the Swanton bomb.

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            The main event of the night was the final of the Women’s Tag Team Championship, Iyo Sky and​​ Dakota Kai will face Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah.

            Sky and Aliyah started playing for their team and made a few quick closes before Rodriguez took over as her partner Falling deal.

            The powerhouse does most of the notoriously heavy lifting for her team, so Alija is barely involved at times, Especially after she was eliminated at the circus.

            Asuka, Bliss, and Bel Air kick Bailey out of the ring, then Alia sneaks again Return to the ring and snatch the victory with a roll. She celebrated the title with Rodriguez, and Asuka, Bliss and Bel Air came back to congratulate them.

            It was a good game and probably made Rodriguez look better than she did when she was in the main lineup, but the result Will confuse and/or upset a lot of fans. It looks like this will be an easy win for Sky and Kai, giving them a big boost.


          1. Aliyah and Raquel Rodriguez

          2. Grade:


            Notable moments and observations

            Aliyah and Rodriguez are trying to coordinate their game this week, so they watch Looks more like a team than some of the other duos we’ve seen in this competition.

            Bailey is so lighthearted and fun. Can we have her in every part? Or can we give her an hour of talk show? Kai has the best running ability in the business. It always looks brutal.

            Many fans are probably looking forward to Sasha Banks and Naomi. They are very disappointed.



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