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WWE Rumors About Roman Reigns, Drew McIntyre, Veer; Sasha Banks Discusses Her Character

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WWE booking Roman Reign with long-term plans in mind Triple H can be said to be him in Clash at the Castle’s first backlash since taking over the creative side of WWE, with many believing that Drew McIntyre should make Roman Reigns the undisputed champion.

Never seemed to consider wearing a strap on McIntyre.

Dave Meltzer Wrestling Observer Radio Says WWE Is Booking Reigns And Has A Long-Term Plan Of Who Will Replace he.

“Their long-term story may make it impossible for [Drew McIntyre] to win [ Clash at the Castle]. I mean, he was supposed to win that night, but they tell the long story,” Meltzer said. “They want Roman Reigns to be a multi-year, multi-year champion. If that’s their goal, then they don’t want to screw up their goal. Of course they can, but that’s their mindset.”

Since Reigns is not expected to wrestle in the Xtreme Rules and Survivor series, and generally does not have a reigning champ, his chances of becoming a champ as we move into 2023 Sex is getting bigger.

This makes Day 1 or Battle Royale potentially the next event and we’ll see where this story goes. Cody Rhodes and The Rock are two of the opponents most often linked to the Reigns at next year’s WrestleMania. If WWE can get a Reigns-Rock match, it doesn’t need a champion; the company could use Rumble as a way to break free from Reigns and move on to the Rock storyline.

If Rock wasn’t without a medical or his schedule, it would make sense for Rhodes to win his first WWE Championship at WrestleMania of.

Turn to Mahan and push pause

It seems that Veer Mahaan will not be the one to overthrow Roman rule.
Fightful Select reports that Mahaan, who is not on TV, has no ‘imminent creative plans’ in nearly a month time. Veer’s last game was squash against Beaux Keller on August 15th in Raw. He hasn’t even used it in family shows since.

In the early days of Veer’s push, Vince McMahon is still in charge, but it’s unclear if there are many plans to keep it going. WWE spent months playing “Veer’scoming” vignettes with no return, and his brief run in the spotlight mostly overwhelmed job seekers.

There are occasional flashes of potential on the mic, but it’s clear that Triple H’s creative vision in dealing with Mahaan matches His predecessor was different.

Sasha Banks wants to have her character We may be the first time we know how to get Sasha Banks back into WWE.

Boss talks about the importance of owning her creations during her Ahch-To Radio appearance.

“For me, it’s really just about owning my own IP [intellectual property] and owning roles The characters behind it and really define who is the character who plays the role,” Banks said. “It’s really just finding yourself. When it comes to wrestling, it’s a character that I came up with, where I portray myself and you let your writers come in and give more details of what they see. Really when it comes to your life When you play a role, that’s how you think about that character, because only you know how you’re going to play it, and only you know how you see the vision for that character.” WWE owns all the intellectual property of Sasha Banks, and all the tricks she uses throughout her professional wrestling career. McMahon kept changing the character’s established name to give WWE ownership, which often drew the ire of fans. Triple H’s obsession with IP diminished during his tenure at NXT, but it’s unclear if this will continue.

While Banksy is largely an in-house development project, she may claim ownership of her character, as part of her return negotiations. She and Naomi are widely expected to return to WWE TV sometime soon after they left in the spring due to frustration with their creative direction.

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