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WWE Rumors: Possibility of WWE Draft at WrestleMania 39 Buzz in October

Triple H (Jerod Harris/Getty Images)

Questions remain as to whether WWE will hold a draft in 2022 or skip matches until after WrestleMania 39 next April. Wrestling Inc.’s Marco Rovere reported on Friday the latest update from the Wrestling Observer, saying that sometime in October Time has been “mentioned” as a possible draft time, although there is “no firm date” for the Superstar reshuffle.

This follows a report from Fightful Select that said it was planned to follow Clash at the Castle in early September The draft’s plans have been changed, and it’s according to Rovere that the event likely won’t happen until after next year’s Mania.

Although the annual draft helps keep the roster fresh and helps set new potential storylines, this year feels Not absolutely necessary.

Since Triple H took over as creative head, new ideas have continued to emerge and have resulted in a series of high-profile returns, including Johnny Gargano was on Raw last Monday.

The combination of these factors has helped WWE build some significant momentum over the past month, which translates to According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, strong TV viewership, including this week’s Raw, averaged over 2 million viewers. In turn, there is no pressing need to shuffle the deck to create some extra interest.

Instead, moving the draft to a year after each WrestleMania makes a lot of sense on paper. From Survivor Series in late November to Mania in April, everything the company does is geared towards the biggest event of the year.

Draft a week or two after Mania for the usual “Show of Shows” The slower periods create some new matchups that make more sense in the big picture.

This sounds like it’s under consideration, but no final decision has been made as Triple H and Co. The weekend’s Castle Clash cards put the finishing touches on.

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