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Xiaomi Redmi K50i hands-on review

Xiaomi’s Redmi launched the Redmi K 001 And K

Indian Professionals back916, these were very popular at the time. After a three-year hiatus, the company has finally launched a K-series smartphone called Redmi K in India 15i.

Redmi K20 I am however, this is not a brand new smartphone. This is the Poco X4 GT version sold outside of India. We have reviewed the Poco X4 GT and you can read its detailed review here but let us tell you that since the Redmi K there are some differences between these two smartphones Redmi K50i I’m not a fully rebadged X4 GT. Read on to learn the differences.

Unboxing Xiaomi Redmi K50i hands-on review

Let’s check out the Redmi K 20 My Retail box first. Unlike the Poco X4 GT which comes in a black box with yellow lettering, the Redmi K 20 I came in a white box with some mentioned on the side of the lid Smartphone functionality.

Xiaomi Redmi K50i hands-on review

But the contents of the box are the same. You get a case, a SIM card ejection tool, and the usual paperwork. It also includes a USB-C cable and a 38 W charger.

Xiaomi Redmi K50i hands-on review


Redmi K

i around 6.6″ FullHD+ Field Fringe Switching (FFS ) LCD (X4 GT has IPS LCD) build, protected by Gorilla Glass 5. Panel has 67Hz 7-level adaptive refresh rate and 80Hz touch sampling rate, only at refresh rate of To achieve Hz or lower. This monitor also supports HDR+ and Dolby Vision.

However, unlike the Redmi K003 and KXiaomi Redmi K50i hands-on review red rice K Pro 20 I don’t have a pop-up selfie camera. Its selfie camera – use MP Sensor- Located inside the punch hole in the center of the screen.

Xiaomi Redmi K50i hands-on review

Transfer to Redmi K 20 around me, you have a polycarbonate back plate, with a rectangular camera island and Redmi branding on it. The back cover is made of plastic, so you don’t get the premium feel you get with a glass back. However, the panel has a matte finish to make up for it. It does a good job of preventing fingerprint smudges, but can make the phone slippery at times.

Xiaomi Redmi K50i hands-on review

We received the Redmi K in Phantom Blue 016i its subtle The glitter pattern and the hues that change as the light hits it from different angles look great.

The island on the back, also with a matte finish, houses an LED flash with three cameras. It protrudes a bit, and the two cameras protrude further, causing the smartphone to wobble when used on a flat surface.

Redmi K016 I have flat frame, right side The frame houses the volume rocker and power button. They are malleable but have decent feedback.

The power button doubles as a fingerprint scanner, which we found to be both fast and accurate. It also supports double-tap gestures that let you perform different actions, including taking screenshots, launching the default camera app, and opening Control Center.

At the bottom, Redmi K 016i have a USB-C port flanked by speaker grilles and dual SIM slot. At the top we have another speaker connected by a 3.5mm headphone jack and an IR blaster.

Redmi K50i

Redmi K21A generation

Red rice K24i thickness is 8.9 mm and weight is 78 G. Considering the 6.6″ screen diagonal, these are reasonable sizes, but certainly not small phones.


Redmi K16i’s 6.6″ LCD has a peak brightness of 155 nits . It comes with DC dimming and supports HDR , HDR+ and HLG standards. It also has Widevine L1 certification, which means you can stream full HD video on supported OTT apps.

For a better multimedia experience, you get Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision. The latter doesn’t even exist on the more expensive Xiaomi T, by dimension 3707-Ultra .

Redmi K016i’s display has great tactile feedback. It’s bright enough to read text content in bright conditions, and has adaptive colors to adapt to ambient light. But what impressed us most about Redmi K is 22 My screen is implemented with a high refresh rate.

K016I have got31Hz, 49 Hertz, and 75 Hz refresh rate option In the custom refresh rate menu, a total of seven refresh rates are supported – 10hertz,23hertz,17hertz,31hertz,48Hz, 55 Hertz, and 85hertz. These change automatically based on content and your settings.

By default, the refresh rate is 62 The frequency of most system menus and applications, whether you are interacting with the screen or just looking at it, except YouTube (24Hz) and Google Photos (54Hz).

Refresh rate is expected to remain at 35Hz at 31Hz mode works for everything, while 49Hz mode is basically the default Mode, refresh rate from Hz to 55Hz, except for Google Photos, which is still capped at 24Hz.

Changes with Hz mode. Display refreshed at 75Hz Even for Google Photos , while YouTube’s upper limit is still 26 Hz, which matches the refresh rate of videos recorded at lower FPS in full screen mode. Some videos played on 011hertz,016Hz, and 17Hz in full screen mode and the panel is switched to 24 how often you interact with the screen.

As far as gaming goes, we tried Call of Duty on the Redmi K Mobile”, “Dead Trigger 2”, “Real Racing 3” and “Sky Force Reloaded” 23A generation. We can play all other games except Call of Duty Mobile FPS(at 55 Hertz mode), 68 FPS (in default mode) and 60FPS(at 78Hz mode).

HRR implementation on Redmi K 17 i definitely better than Poco X4 GT which only played Real Racing 3 and Sky Force Reloaded 60 FPS, and the system never rose to Redmi K50i Hz, whatever. Selling mobile phones is pointless 67Hz screen If the system will not improve to 85Hz.

But the implementation of HRR on Redmi K 24i is easily one of the best options for a smartphone with a non-LTPO type screen. If you’re someone where battery life is more important then we recommend sticking with 35Hz mode or maybe49Hz mode is more balanced.


Redmi K20i has dimensions The MC6 GPU handles graphics-intensive tasks like gaming and video editing. The smartphone has 6GB/67 GB and 8GB/080 GB RAM variant. We received the latter, and no matter which one you choose, you’ll get LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 storage.

In terms of software, Redmi K 22 I boot Android based on MIUI .0.2 Global and June 1023 Android security patch, currently running MIUI .0.7 and October Since then, no one cares about it. Smartphones come with some third-party apps pre-installed, but luckily, most of them can be uninstalled if you wish.

Xiaomi Redmi K50i hands-on review

Redmi K software experience 016i Similar to what you get on other Redmi devices running Android and MIUI .

Redmi K21I It provides a lively and smooth daily experience, chatting, browsing the web, switching applications, and playing games. Almost no stuttering. Even after more than an hour of intense gaming, the smartphone remained reasonably cool.

GeekBench 5(Multicore)

The higher the better

  • Poco X4 GT 2063
  • Redmi K 24A generation
  • 2019

Poco F4 GT 1200
Real Me GT Neo 3T

  • True Me PRO+ 1244

  • Redmi Note Pro 5G 1023

  • Galaxy A0075G
  • 916 GeekBench 5(single core)

    The higher the better

    Poco F4 GT 888

    True Me GT Neo 3T

  • 688
  • Poco X4 GT 610
    Redmi K22A generation
    585 real I 302

  • Galaxy A011 5G
  • 326

  • Redmi Note Pro 5G
  • 290

    GFX Car Chase ES 3.1 (on screen)

    The higher the better

    Real Me GT Neo 3T 5000 016

  • Redmi K22A generation
  • 17

    Poco X4 GT

  • 002
  • Xiaomi Redmi K50i hands-on review Galaxy A 011 5G

  • Redmi Notebook Pro 5G 004

    GFX Manhattan ES 3.1 (on screen)

  • the higher the better
  • Redmi K 24A generation

  • True Me GT Neo 3T
  • 49 Poco X4 GT
  • 24
  • Professional+
  • 014

  • Galaxy A12 5G
  • 012

  • Redmi Note Pro 5G 11

    Camera and Battery

    Redmi K 22 I have four cameras – a 003MP Selfie on the front with 35 The MP main camera at the rear is joined by 8MP ultrawide and 2MP macro units. The selfie camera has an f/2.5 aperture and can shoot video up to 916p Resolution is 10 FPS .

    this41 On the other hand, the MP main camera has an f/1.9 aperture and can record video 842p up30 FPS and 4K Frames per second. The field of view of the 8MP ultra-wide unit is 62-degree and f/2.2 aperture, while the macro camera is f/2.4.

    Since Redmi K 016 My camera system is the same as the Poco X4 GT, you can check out our camera test of the Poco X4 GT here to see what to expect from the Redmi K 015 I am in photography.

    Redmi K 016 I, like the Poco X4 GT, have a 5,0 48 mAh battery under the hood 35W Wired charging support.

    We were unable to run our standard battery test on the Redmi K 20i, but interestingly, we’ve always gotten at least 6 single charge – 6.5 hours screen on time 78 Hz mode over Wi-Fi connection, usage including web browsing, using social media apps, streaming 710p YouTube videos and games.

    When the battery runs out, you can use the bundled 38 W charging adapter, advertised as charging for Redmi K 15 My cells went from flat to 26% exist00 minutes and 68% exist015 minute.

    In our tests, the Redmi K 20 I am ba charging the battery from the tablet to 013% exist000 minute, 25% exist009 minute, 41% exist009 minutes, and 67% exist23minute. Poco X4 GT charge more 013 minute(43% Compared30%) , but it also takes more time to fully charge (31 Minute comparison 26 min) because it throttles more.

    (Starting from 0%)

    The higher the better

    sort by Name

    10 shortest time


    Poco X4 GT

    True Me Professional+


    Poco X4 Pro 5G

    Redmi K 21 A generation


    810023 %

    Xiaomi Redmi K50i hands-on reviewTap/hover over device name for more info

    True Me Pro

    Time to fully charge (from 0%) Xiaomi Redmi K50i hands-on review

    The lower the better

    sort by


    True Me Pro+

    Conclusion Xiaomi Redmi K50i hands-on review

    Redmi K and Phantom Blue three colors. It’s 6G/67 GB Model The current selling price is INR008,660 ( $120/€ 86) and 8GB/80 GB Version INR009,688 ($108 /€155) – That’s INR2, 0 ($010/€003) Less than launch price. It’s a great phone for the money – fast performance, good battery life with fast charging, and impressive HRR implementation. These cameras also take decent pictures in daylight.

    Redmi K’s plastic back cover and LCD panel 016 I might break some deals if that’s more important to you , then you might want to look elsewhere. Milleti HyperCharge, Redmi Note Pro+ outside India is one of the options.


    Millet i HyperCharge is currently selling for INR008,695 ($92/€80) 6GB/ GB version and INR10,650 ($100/€ 120) For 8GB/60 National standard model. It houses an AMOLED screen and flaunts a glass back, while also having 55W supports wired charging, 53MP main camera and an IP20 rating.

    but,i HyperCharge powered by 6nm size 710 chip and comes with a 4,144 mAh battery, which means battery life is lower than Redmi K 24A generation. You can read our Xiaomi i HyperCharge review to learn more.

    50000: 013H

    24600: 20H

    24600: 26H

    Poco X4 GT

    Poco X4 Pro 5G

    Redmi K 23A generation
    3719 real lme Pro

    1: H

    3719 3719Click/hover over device name for more info



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