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Y-3 Fall 2023 Menswear

Y-3’s fall collection kicks off with adidas shoe swatches. “It’s made by scientists in a lab to improve the performance of athletes — run faster, jump higher, increase propulsion,” said Stefano Pierre, adidas Originals, partner and chief design director of the Y-3. Beruschi explained at a conference. in Paris. “It succeeded to the point where it was kind of illegal. So it just sat on the shelf. But I said, ‘That shelf sitter deserves to pop.'”

The pair is called internally as the “Power Plate ” shoes were brought to a meeting with Yohji Yamamoto’s team, with whom Adidas has collaborated for the past years on the Y-3 subline. “Ideas started flowing between the Japanese team and ours immediately. It’s a perfect symbol of what we’re doing: we’re an athletic brand using high-performance materials; they’re hand-patterned ninjas in the tradition of Yohji Yamamoto, ’ said Beruschi enthusiastically. Designs from Superstar certainly jazz up the collection, which is bulky and sportswear fans will love the many obnoxious details: hidden pockets in the hem and collar; acid-treated Primeknit (Adidas Hero stretch knit) layers; drawstrings that allow for a radical redesign of quilted jackets and skirts. Brushstroke graphics – an emerging trend in Paris – jazzed up several pieces, including a particularly coveted snow-white cropped puffer jacket with multiple zippers to allow the wearer to change shapes, as well as a The trim, which Beruschi says was inspired by wind flaps on airplanes. “This season we’re thinking about slowing down — speed, aerodynamic look, but slowed down.”

Beruschi, an affable Canadian with Balenciaga, Bally and Vivienne Westwood, have been working on the Y-3 line since 2019, but this season constitutes a subtle reboot of adidas’ longest-running linkage. The big question, says Beruschi, is: “How do we reset in a way that’s subtle, exciting, and appealing to an audience that might not remember this as an OG collaboration?” Showcasing this multifaceted series in a live setting certainly helped. To jog some memories and inspire some rabid new fans.



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