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External Data and AI Are Making Each Other More Valuable

Illustration by Agnes Jonas <page-utils data-authors="Adam D. Nahari; Dimitris Bertsimas" data-content-image="/resources/images/article_assets/2024/02/Feb24_24_AgnesJonas-383x215.jpg" data-content-type="Digital Article" data-id="tag:blogs.harvardbusiness.org,2007-03-31:999.375247" data-js-target="page-utils" data-summary="How some financial institutions are using this combination to identify...

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Infinix unveils a new active cooling concept for smartphones called CoolMax

As the performance target for smartphones keeps going higher, engineers have had to reach for increasingly more elaborate cooling solutions,...


Jon Stewart Gives His Solution for Israel-Hamas Peace on ‘Daily Show’

Jon Stewart opened his third return episode of The Daily Show by noting his first two episodes generated some controversy, so...

Urusei Yatsura ‒ Episode 30

How would you rate episode 30 of...

‘Who by Fire’ Review: A Visit to the Country Turns Epically Sour in Philippe Lesage’s Powerful Ensemble Drama

It’s been almost a decade now that French-Canadian auteur Philippe Lesage’s intense, intricate youth dramas have been premiering in top festivals...

Wendy Williams Doc Producers: “If We’d Known She Had Dementia, No One Would’ve Rolled a Camera”

“At a certain point,” says Where Is Wendy Williams? producer Mark Ford, “we were more worried about what would...

Makoto Shinkai Comments on Anime Producer Kouichirou Itou’s Arrest

Wakayama Prefectural Police arrested anime producer Kouichirou Itou...

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