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Yakuza's Babysitter's Guide – Episode 7

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I’m not that much on

episode 7 Fascinated Yakuza Babysitting Guide in my previous entry. I’m not sure I can tell why, but I think a lot of it has to do with the tone shift in this episode and the change in character focus. While I think it would be nice to have one or the other on its own, it feels a little jarring to have both in one episode compared to the previous ones.

Of the two, the pitch change is more pronounced. This episode is very focused on yakuza, organized crime and the more serious side of Kirishima’s past. We were introduced to Masaya and learned more about Kirishima’s student days. As it turns out, even in middle school, he was violent, with cool anime character scars and nothing more than a rock and cocky attitude. There’s still a lot of focus on Sugihara and what he brings (literally, in one instance) as he leaves Kirishima’s Shadow. There is also the constant threat from the upcoming villain, ready to descend upon the sweet little show we are already attached to and focus on the on-chip part of a slice of life.

This is just magnified by the shift in character focus. Without Yaeka to soften the cast and atmosphere, the show becomes a more opinionated gangster story. While I certainly don’t mind that at all, it’s a marked change from what the show has given us over the past few weeks. Also, the supporting characters, while great, don’t bring the same charm as Kirishima and Yae’s interaction. For me, the best moments of the episode easily happen when Kirishima and Yae’s whispers and her lovely drawing at the end. As much as I don’t want to see her in danger, I think focusing on Yaeka, whether it’s a silly or a more somber episode, does help keep the show’s emotional core. Without Yaeka around, Kirishima is noticeably less likable, and… honestly, harder to distinguish from the other criminals around him.

There is nothing bad about the episode itself, but this one The episode really lost its core strength from the series, which showcased the comedic friction between ordinary life and the world of organised crime.


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