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Yakuza’s Babysitter’s Guide – Episode 8

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Community Rating: 4.3

Episode 8 was a solid episode with plenty of wholesome moments to go. It rounds out more of the supporting cast, but still has Kirishima and Yaeka around. This has been a successful setup for me, and I found it enjoyable from start to finish.

The biggest focus this week is Higashiichiro and Sanae. We have many memories of their youth, when he was still at home and she was pregnant with their first child. Not only can we see what Fujiichiro looks like when he is Sakuragi’s right-hand man, but we can also see Sakuragi interacting more with Yae’s mother. It’s a good window into the past, and I think it contrasts nicely with the changes over the past few years.

Toichiro is a little soft even before things change sideways, but we See just how much he cares about Sanae and what he really values ​​in life. The biggest emotional blow is that Toichiro realizes that Sanae has been having panic attacks and tries to stop him to protect his feelings at The scene of their tearful hug was the climax of the episode for me personally, and it was nice to see this tender moment of emotional vulnerability (even in the context of organized crime). Makeup cake teases are also the best comedy of the week.

And I think that without marginalizing Kirishima and Yaeka It’s a no-brainer to do all of the character exploration without a case. They’re really at the heart of the show, so constantly linking supporting characters to them is a winning move in my book. Yaeka and Sara’s interaction is good, but I think I like Yaeka’s interaction with the little girl more than the crayon being broken. It feels more natural than Sara’s bombastic demeanor (not that the kids aren’t as expressive or excited, but sometimes her dialogue feels a little weird in how direct it is). Sure, Yaeka’s ominous last line made me nervous about what’s coming next, but this episode was a sweet comeback. Score:



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