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Yami Shibai: Japanese Ghost Story Anime Season 11 Coming in July

The TV animation staff announced on Saturday that there will be Yes No. 2023 Ji Zai TV TOKYO July Channel . The new series will tell new urban legends under the theme of “re” or “again”.

© “Darkness” Production Committee 2023

Tsuda Kanji

play the role of storyteller again.

Akira Funada

again Come Directed Animation Studios ILCA in collaboration with yell.

Hiromu Kumamoto and

Mitsuhi Sasagi started writing scripts again, and

Choji Yoshikawa and

Norio Yamakawa

. Shōma Mutō, Momoka Higurashi,

Yū Ebihara , “A15493-3801414926.1376369257 Hiroshi Nishiyama

& Rie,” and

jimmy are animating.

The ending theme song is “Masquerade Parade” by Qujila Yoluno Machi.

© “An Zhiju” Production Committee

Original series of anime shorts based on a six-minute horror story in a contemporary setting The next urban legend. The short film is inspired by the showa era drawing paper theater (kamishibai) made.

The first season of the anime premiered in July 707 , and Season premieres in January 2017. The project sparked a spinoff in the spring 707. Crunchyroll streamed previous seasons and airings. The animation also inspired derivative animation. The animation premiered in July 2020. Crunchyroll played the anime when it aired in Japan. Anime StudioILCA and yell reunite in July for original TV anime series 707.

Live-action anime series based on anime premieres in Japan in September 1000. Crunchyroll live streamed the series. Instead of using conventional video clips, this work composites still photos of landscape paintings with photos of actors in the style of the original animation. Live-action series feature remakes of popular stories from the anime as well as original stories of their own. The cast includes idols and actors from the “2.5D stage play”.

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