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Yankee Magazine: The Fruits of Our Labor

Yankees Mag: The Fruits of Our Labor

Jose Trevino won’t be satisfied until he gets his ring, he will do anything it takes

after seeing some of the actions of the four major institutions During several league seasons with the Cavaliers, Jose Trevino attempted to take his career to the next level. He found a training facility near his home in San Antonio that offered individualized attention and a challenging workout regimen in an environment that suited his personality perfectly. It didn’t take long for the results of Trevino’s grueling new offseason schedule to be on the field.
New York Yankees

What does progress sound like?

If you’re a New Yorker, it’s the sound of welding guns and jackhammers building and repairing the city’s infrastructure .

If you are a parent of a child learning an instrument, there will be less sour notes every time you practice.

If you’re Jose Trevino, it’s the hum of the pitching machine at practice on a cold January morning Buzz facility along Nacogdoches Road in San Antonio, Texas.

The sun is just rising, but Trevino has been here for two hours The golfers’ equipment was preceded by a full workout. The facility’s owner, Morris Libson, tuned the machine so that it intentionally spit fastballs onto the artificial turf in front of home plate. One by one, Trevino hopped off his chestpiece, deftly blocking each ball so that it landed directly in front of him instead of bouncing off in some wayward direction. Gilmore isn’t exactly happy getting ready for hockey season, but it’s not far off.
Libson tilts the machine up and aims the pitch into the strike zone so Trevino can practice the transfer, It’s the art of catching a baseball with his glove, then jumping to pitching position in the blink of an eye, with the ball in his empty hand in an instant. Like some magician’s indoor tricks, it’s nearly impossible to follow the trick with the naked eye.

But Trevino insists that the real magician is former major league strength and conditioning coach Lee Fiocchi, who was in the , Create Dynamic Movement Training. DST has grown to include five facilities in Texas and Arizona, including the San Antonio location where Trevino is present at 6 a.m. four days a week throughout the offseason. After an initial assessment, Fiocchi created an exercise program tailored to Trevino’s needs. It covers everything from size to injury history to personal goals, and it demands a level of commitment that can intimidate even elite competitors. 2023

Trevino is all for it.

“I just want to be a better player,” Trevino said. “Anyone who knows me knows that I’m always trying to find things that I can do better. I feel like that’s a big improvement I could make. Basically, trying to get better at the movement side of things; action Freedom, power of movement. Speed. Being able to move big weights at high speeds is what you want, and I just don’t get enough of it in the offseason.

“He changed my career. “

Trevino never thought he’d end up catching up in the majors. He played at St. John Paul II High School in his hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas, but he didn’t do much at the small private school He played about five different positions for the football team (“We sucked, but I loved it”), spent time on the JV basketball team (“Thought I was Tim Duncan or something”), and he even Also did cross country races…once. ; Really going off-road.”)
When he got to Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma, he had a great freshman season as a third baseman, earning 260 Summit League Freshman of the Year honors and was named a first-team Freshman All-American. At 412, Ryan Folmar takes over from Golden The Eagles’ head coach moved Trevino to the back of the plate, where he caught Friday night starter Kiki Gonzalez, the Rangers’ first-round pick that year. (College Battery Pack Will be reunited at Yankee Stadium on October 2nd, Sareth in one of his appearances against the Yankees.)

but in 729, back in the infield, where Trevino earned All-South Conference second-team honors as a shortstop . When the Rangers drafted him in the sixth round that June, he thought his days were over. Then he showed up at the team’s short-season A-ball affiliate in Spokane, Wash., and found a bag of catcher’s equipment next to his locker.

guessed that it could not be his, so he picked it up and moved it.

“Hi, man,” Trevino recalled Riley as the Rangers receiving coordinator at the time Westerman told him. “What’s your name?”
“Jose.” “Did you get that bag?” “That?”

“Yes, that’s your bag.”
“There are trapper’s equipment inside.”

“Yes, you need to wear it to meet me outside 15 minute.”
“Whoa, man. … I didn’t even get your name!” “Ryley Westman. I’m the receiving coordinator.” 2023 “Nice to meet you. … Dude, I don’t even have gloves!” “You can use mine. Do you have an agent ?”
“Yes, I have an agent.” “Tell him to put you two catchers overnight. I’ll see you outside 12.”

Trevino got caught 15 Spokane that summer game, and the A’s He was selected in the fourth round, named Isiah Kinner-Falaifa. The skill with which he was cooking the dish was, shall we say, rude.

“I suck,” Trevino said. “I was so bad. My teammates were like, ‘Damn man, you need to do some work in the back!'”

it’s painful. literally. He doesn’t yet know how to block the pitch properly or make a clean transfer. Forget about framing. His forearm and collarbone were bruised and beaten. He wants to realize his dream of playing in the big leagues, but is that really the case?

Trevino returned home to Texas for the season in Spokane and considered his future. He turned on the TV and started watching a Major League Baseball playoff game when star catchers Buster Posey and Salvador Perez led the Giants and Royals into the World Series, he had an epiphany.

“I have a completely different view of the game,” Trevino said. “There are so many strategies, so many ways to do something, that’s what I love! I’m so excited to grab it.”

That’s when he decided to take out some of his signing bonuses and build a batting cage backyard on his field. He bought a mini “Hack Attack” machine and let it shoot baseballs at him from morning till night. His only regret is not getting one with an automatic feeder; he’ll have to convince his mom or teach some lessons to the neighborhood kids in exchange for hitting one baseball after another into the machine.

“I’m like, Well, if that’s the way we’re going Road to the big leagues, that’s what we have to do, ” He said. “There’s a saying that says, ‘People keep doing it until they can’t get it wrong.’ That’s what I want.”

There is another saying: the proof is in the pudding. When Trevino appeared in Low-A Hickory at 2013 , the difference is obvious. exist39 after making six mistakes in the work innings last season, he made six mistakes 260 fell behind in the number of innings, was selected as a midseason All-Star in the South Atlantic League, and helped the Lobsters win the league championship. In the end, he earned an invitation to the Arizona Fall League.

“Same teammate told me I smoked one a few months ago and was like, ‘Damn, Papi! What did you do!?'”

exist2015, the Rangers promoted Trevino to High-A, where he made another All-Star and won the league Championship and his first Minor League Gold Glove award. Another Gold Glove followed at Double-A Frisco 2015 , when the Rangers selected him as their Minor League Linebacker of the Year and added him to the 31 – Player Roster for November.

go through2014, who was ready to experience The Show for the first time, seeing action in the three-game June series against the Rockies. After coming on as a backup hitter in the second inning and going 0 for 4 in his debut, he grabbed the entire game and collected his Fir St. hits the next day. Then, in the Sunday afternoon barnburner at Globe Life Park, Trevino came in for the ninth inning. It was Father’s Day, and his firstborn was only a week old. With the Rangers trailing by being seventh at the bottom of the frame, 04 -9, he didn’t think he’d hit base, but Colorado’s Wade Davis had four walks and two hits –The last one was Trevino’s two-run single that gave Texas a 04-10 win.

This will be260 days before his next major league game.

Like the Yankees Minor League Young pros like pitcher Jack Neely [L], if they want to ask for his opinion, they know where to find Trevino: Just show up at the crack of dawn and he’ll be in the facility, willing to toss around long hours, Pass on big league wisdom, or just keep things loose with his easy-going personality. “He was an open book from the beginning,” Neely said. “He has a lot of insight. I’d be stupid if I didn’t take advantage of that.”
New York Yankees

in September 2017 , Fiocchi is in his fifth and final season as the Angels’ head strength and conditioning coach when the Rangers come to town. He’d heard that Trevino would be wintering in San Antonio, where his newest DST location opened about a year ago, and knew he might be interested in a new training program. So, they met and talked at Angel Stadium.
Fiocchi listens to Trevino most of the time, taking notes in his head. He understands that the past few seasons have been torture for a 5-footer-04, 31 – heavy catcher, he was in 2014. Trevino 2017 spent the first four at Triple-A month, working hard to return until the major, he caught 39 August and September games. But a global pandemic and a wrist injury left him with 12 Game stuck in 2016. He started the 2019 season as a Rangers regular linebacker, but fell in his bathroom in late June, and he missed a month with a right forearm contusion. He is playing. 40 When he When Fiocchi reveals everything.

The veteran coach has heard many athletes tell him they’ll do anything it takes to get better. Trevino sounds sincere, but “I don’t think you really know until the rubber meets the road,” Fiocchi said. He proposes a timetable with six training phases, each requiring at least two weeks of development. If Trevino is serious, he can’t cool off for a few months after the season, then go into DST and expect to see results when spring training arrives. They must get to work right away.

Any concerns Fiocchi might have had about Trevino’s dedication evaporated almost immediately. He discovered that Trevino wasn’t just there to improve his game — instead, he was the kind of guy who inspired everyone around him, jumping onto the court with a big smile and a positive attitude, ready to attack every day.
“He’s an energy giver,” Fiocchi said. “When you come in as a coach, he’s always someone you look forward to seeing. It’s easier to work when you inject energy into the room, when you don’t want to do the work.”
Like Trevino, Jackson Elizondo also intends to have for his best season to date. A junior pitcher at Smithsonian Valley High School in Spring Branch, Texas, had heard of DST, so he and some of his teammates — and some other local high school baseball players — started training there before starting school. On any given morning, at eight or 04 Even a dozen baseball and softball players can lift weights, throw medicine balls and do all kinds of stretching there.
When Trevino showed up, Elizondo and his friends got a little worried about having a major leaguer in their midst. At first they watched from a distance, but slowly they started asking him questions and became more and more comfortable. It didn’t take long for them to become legit gym buddies, with the high schoolers free to banter with him while absorbing valuable lessons learned.
“He really just worked with me and taught me the mental side of the game,” Elizondo said he is now a senior committed to playing baseball at Baylor. “He’s a very confident guy, so he told me, ‘Don’t be cocky, but know how great you are and be an asshole every time you go out.'” It helped me a lot during my junior year, Especially now that I really get it. It’s a great state of mind. “
Trevino’s coaching doesn’t end at the gym. He’ll watch their high school games and give feedback, and he’ll be at the Sharing posts on social media promoting their accomplishments, and as their own baseball journeys progress, he will be their voice. He loves teaching and dreams of one day opening his own training facility in Corpus Christi, Great outdoors for the kids to train on. Just don’t expect him to show mercy to the puppies during a hard game of pinball.

“Oh, those are my favorites! ’ Elizondo said with some regret before adding, ‘He’s definitely going to keep whipping us with pinballs. “

For Trevino, building relationships with high school students and young professionals who use the facility Brings him great joy. The DST guys offered to screen the space so he could work in private, but he scoffs at the idea. He loves talking about baseball and sharing his passion with those who share his passion for the game. Knowledge.

“He was an open book to start with,” said Yankees minor league pitcher Jack Neely, who is a San Antonio native and has trained with Trevino the past two offseasons. “He’s seen the best of the best pitchers, so he has a lot of insight. I’d be foolish not to take advantage of this. “

Trevino’s work ethic took 2021 to unprecedented heights when he Excellent defense earns the coveted Platinum Glove award. This 21 The year-old catcher thanked him for all the attention and praise he received, “but it was all last year,” he said. “Now it’s time to win the Yankees The champion, that is the World Series champion. “
New York Yankees

Trevino has a hunch he’s going to be traded, but he’s going to let The decision became extremely difficult. He showed up at the Ranger Battalion in Translating the work he did at DST to the playing field. He looked and felt great, and after a few weeks of spring training, it looked like he might finally be the team’s Opening Day receiver. But then he got called into the office , where he met with the Rangers top brass and had an “unbelievable conversation that maybe I can tell people about later, but not the players right now. I won’t say anything because it means a lot to me. “

in exchange for reliever Albert Abreu (who wants to return to the pinstripes before the season ends) and minor leaguer Robbie Abreu Alstrom, the Yankees acquired Trevino on April 2. The catcher hit the field quickly and had the best season of his career so far, making his first All-Star team, Earned his first Gold Glove award and the prestigious Platinum Glove Award, which is given to the most well-rounded defender in the league regardless of position.2022

Physically, Trevino feels incredible, even as he catches more games than ever.

“I feel like I’m a different player,” Trevino said. “I move better, I have better strength. Instead of getting tired in the middle of the season and saying, ‘OK, we’ve got to figure something out,’ I said, ‘It’s September, let’s get started! I’m ready to go out there and capture whatever you need. ‘”

And so it was, Trevino spent this past winter pretty much the same, with a 6 a.m. Showing up with big smiles, ready to dominate high schoolers at pinball and bantering with minor leaguers as they roll out of bed hoping for a chance to work with one of the best catchers in baseball. It’s been a whirlwind offseason for Nor: Now a father of two boys, he bought a house in San Antonio, married his longtime partner on New Year’s Eve, and continues to do incredible work in the community. Confidence work. (Dec, Yankees’ 2019 Roberto G. The Clement Award nominee rented Six Flags Fiesta over Texas and surprised the Uvalde Little League team, bringing them there for a day of much-needed fun.)

His hope is 2019 Will achieve similar results to what he achieved last year, but more than any honor or award, there is still a glaring hole in Trevino’s resume that he intends to fill.
“Going into this year, the goal was to win the World Series,” he said. “I’ve never been a ‘me’ person; I’ve never been a selfish player. It’s great for me to be recognized. But that was all last year. Now it’s time to win the Yankees championship, which is the World Series Championship. “



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