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Yankees-Dodgers 'Not Civil War': Best Fan Tweets and Memes from ESPN Documentary

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) ESPN Films’ latest documentary, Yankees-Dodgers: A Non-Civil War,

debuted on Tuesday night and received positive reviews on social media.

This movie details the rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1977 and the 1978 back-to-back World Series. Numerous baseball legends feature prominently throughout the documentary, including Reggie Jackson, Billy Martin, George Steinbrenner and Tommy LaSorda.

Fans who tuned in took to Twitter to praise the documentary for providing insight into a unique era in MLB:

Cedric Golden @CedGolden This Yankees-Dodgers documentary brings back a lot of childhood memories. The Reggie Jackson-Billy Martin feud was a must-see TV show at the time.
Derrick [email protected]

Yankees/Dodgers documentation on @espn is 🔥. If Billy Martin did what Reggie Jackson did today in Boston in the summer of 1977, he would be fired immediately and his career would be over.
Mark Hamming@coacharming

I turn on the TV and this Yankee Dodgers show is playing. I had no intention of watching it, but it appealed to me. Billy Martin, Reggie Jackson, Tommy LaSorda.
Man, I remember watching those games as a kid!

John⬅️6️⃣➡️Shabe@johndshabe A non-Civil War… 75% Yankees, 25% Dodgers, 100% Reggie

Who is ElwayBevin? @jsguitargeek

on @ESPN3030 talking about his youth and career racism.

Just unbelievably disgusting. Beyond f’g words.
Matthew Titus@Titus88Titus

This ESPN d0c non-Civil War vs. 70s Dodgers/Yankees rivalry was great. They got some good stuff from a lot of players. Especially Reggie.

[email protected]

This Yankees vs. Dodgers: Non-Civil War docs so far are amazing

Bull Ward @BullWard

Yankee Dodgers non-Civil War special on ESPN is very interesting.
Jeffrey [email protected]

ESPN’s “Yankees-Dodgers: A Non-Civil War” has been excellent so far. Bring back great memories.

Gregg J. Montalto, MD, MPH 🤌🏽☮️ @GJMontalto Watching non-civil war, reminiscing about childhood idol @mroctober . those days.
Joe Dapper@JoeDapps

Yankees-Dodgers: A very good one on #ESPN . Takes me back to the badball days I miss so much…

This film was directed by Fritz Mitchell, who also directed 30 of ESPN 30’s Movies

The Legend of Jimmy Greece and

Ole’s Ghost Miss.

“It’s an interesting challenge to baseball’s most traditional competitive story and chronicles the inevitable collision of the Dodgers and Yankees over two years,” Mitchell said. “I’m old enough to remember the summer of 1977, the blackout, the three home runs of Son of Sam and Reggie Jackson, but I’ve forgotten the turmoil of the Yankees and the anxiety of the Dodgers clubhouse. New York and Los Angeles are going through A time of profound change and despair. I find the troubles of baseball’s free agency era mirror society and the troubles of “my generation,” an era that seems very similar to today.”

actor Rob Lowe narrated the documentary for the documentary, which features interviews with many of the writers and journalists covering both teams at the time.

The real heart of this film is the extensive interviews with people on both teams. Jackson, Steve Garvey, Ron Guidry, Tommy John, Willie Randolph, Ron Cey, Graig Nettles, Steve Yeager, Mickey Rivers, Bucky Dent and Dusty Baker all open up about their experiences in the heat of competition.

It looks like it might be possible to reignite the competition this year as the Dodgers are considered representative after reaching 100 wins at a faster pace The National League favorites for the World Series are higher than any team this season. The Yankees captured the AL East title on Tuesday night, and after a midseason slump, they seemed to be peaking at the right time.

The playoffs are not easy for any team, but if the Yankees and Dodgers Advance to the World Series, then the fierce competition will be ignited again.



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